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Our experts are product leaders with extensive experience launching products, growing businesses, and leading teams. They are passionate about the craft of product management and want to help you achieve your career goals.

Daniel McDonough

I thrive at the intersection of data, technology and people. Building and nurturing talented teams of people that seek to deliver on high-value business outcomes is what fires me up each and every day. I bring a unique combination of Product, Data Engineering, Process and Finance experience that will take your organization to the next level.

John Mwangi

I have been building products at Mastercard for 10+years and I am here to upcoming product managers grow in their careers.

Bradley Gambling

Product Manager with 10+ years of experience creating both B2B and B2C digital products leveraging agile development, customer insights and rapid prototyping.

Jay Ross

I love to solve problems by delivering software products that customers love. By identifying solutions to seemingly complex problems, I build products that are easy to use and well received. I’m known for possessing a good balance between the business, technology, and user experience.

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