Product manager Use Cases

Check out examples of real-world scenarios and our solutions to build product manager skills
Product Manager Use Case #1

It is hard to know skills required to become a product manager


Professionals can share career goals and receive a personalized skills map that shows target product manager skills to qualify for 8 different PM role archetypes

I was new to product management and the personalized skills map was exactly what I needed to kick-start my journey
Product manager use case 1
Haley Thurston
Product Manager, Red Mare, United States
Product Manager Use Case #2

I am overwhelmed by learning resources on the web. Where should I start?


Professionals can access free curated learning resources from top product thinkers

I was able to easily plan my learning journey by searching content based on skill, duration, and difficulty level
Product manager use case 2
Ajay Vignesh
Engineer, Nippon, Canada
Product Manager Use Case #3

I want to build something but lack project ideas


Prowess offers curated projects in market research, user research, design, and prototyping to help professionals showcase their product manager skills

Groups projects have helped me to learn user research, user personas, and prioritization while learning collaboration skills
Product manager use case 3
Ugochi Onwuliri
Engineer, Interswitch, Nigeria
Product Manager Use Case #4

It is hard to get specific and actionable feedback


Professionals can share their projects and receive anonymous, and actionable feedback

The expert feedback was perfect - it highlighted my strengths, areas of improvements and offered concrete next steps
Product manager use case 4
Gregory Morris
Analyst, Prisma Health, United States
Product Manager Use Case #5

It is hard to stand out in the job market with a resume


Professionals can work on projects or share prior work to build a product manager’s portfolio

My portfolio allows me to show my projects, endorsements, education and work experience, all in one place
Product manager use case 5
Ugo Onigbo
Business Owner, Nigeria
Product Manager Use Case #6

Unclear job descriptions make it hard to know the required product manager skills


Every job on Prowess has a skill profile showing skills required to have a competitive application

Job skill profiles save me time in the application process. I get prioritized roles based on my skill level
Product manager use case 6
Ashish Roshan
Growth PM, Furlenco, India
Product Manager Use Case #7

I need help preparing for different types of interview questions


Professionals can prepare for interviews by viewing technical, design, and behavioral interview questions and answers from top companies.

This is a gold mine of interview questions and answers for top tier companies. I can look at answers, leave my comments, and then get feedback from the community.
Leign Hann
Product Manager, US