How Prowess Works for Experts

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Prowess is designed with a belief that what people can do matters more than where they learned, how they learned, or who they know.  

We achieve our belief by bringing experts and professionals together to build a reputation system where professionals can demonstrate skills by sharing projects and experts can provide rigorous and unbiased project evaluations that accurately represent a professional’s skill level. Hiring is broken and our experts play a foundational role in discovering high potential professionals while growing their own reputation. 

We follow a rigorous process to select experts and curate a skills map for a professional’s career. To learn more, please read on…

1. Check eligibility to become an expert

Minimum 10 years in product roles

Track record of impact

Increased responsibility over time

Current and relevant experience

Want to help others

Experts are critical to the success of a credible and unbiased skills evaluation system on Prowess. If you are interested in applying as an expert, please review the criteria before submitting an application.

Expert Selection Criteria

  1. Demonstrable experience: experts should have worked as a product manager for at least 10 years
  2. Track record of impact: experts must have shipped at least three products with tangible results i.e. the product owned by the expert must have moved the needle for the organization.
  3. Increased responsibility over time: experts should have risen the ranks in their organization or started their own business to develop a wide range of skills required to be a successful product manager. For example, a consumer product manager expert is expected to be strong in communication, data analysis, large-scale testing,  product vision, and go-to-market strategy. While an enterprise product manager would have extra focus on client relationships and user acceptance testing. 
  4. Current and relevant experience: experts should be working as a product manager in their current role and must have worked as a product manager within the last 5 years.
  5. Willingness to share expertise: the expert should have a strong interest in providing feedback and mentoring and should be excited about sharing her skills to grow careers of professionals.

2. Apply to be an expert

Please submit your application to become an expert on Prowess. You will be asked about your current role, industry, and skills along with a link to your professional profile. Our team will thoroughly analyze your application and get back to you within a week

3. Get onboarded and matched with projects

Flexible time commitment

Rubric based grading

Smart matching

Once experts join Prowess, we follow an onboarding process to bring them up to speed on the key features of the platform including

  1. Flexible time commitment: experts have full control over when and which projects they want to evaluate. A single project review could take somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the project. Although we do not limit the number of reviews, we suggest an expert review between 4 to 8 projects every month.   
  2. Rubric-based grading: a skill rubric is a framework used to evaluate skills. 
  3. Smart matching: to build a credible evaluation system, we rely on our smart matching algorithm to match projects with experts that have related skills and industry expertise. For instance, a hardware product manager is not suitable to review an education tech product. Similarly, an enterprise SaaS product expert should be matched with projects focused on businesses. Our smart matching system ensures that professionals are getting money worth by receiving high-quality feedback from experts in their field of work.

4. Review Projects

Blind Reviews

Qualitative and Quantitative Feedback

360° Reviews

Blind Reviews

360° Reviews

Qualitative and Quantitative Feedback

Expert reviews are conducted by experts when a professional requests feedback on her project. We follow an exhaustive process to ensure high quality and unbiased expert reviews

  1. Blind reviews: expert reviews on Prowess are blind i.e. experts or professionals do not have to receive any personally identifiable information about each other during the review process. This feature avoids bias and leads to a merit-based evaluation.
  2. Qualitative and quantitative feedback: Prowess has built a feedback framework that enables experts to provide quantitative feedback by using skill rubrics and qualitative feedback by commenting on a project’s strengths, improvement areas, and tangible next steps.
  3. 360°reviews: every expert review is eligible to be rated by the professional who requested the review. This feedback loop empowers us to build a truly meritocratic system and enables experts to receive constructive feedback.  Learn more in the questions and answers section for experts.

5. Get Rewarded for Expert Reviews

Get compensated

Elevate your Brand

Prioritized matches

join expert community

Earn skill credits

Experts are compensated per expert review and receive a portion of the proceeds from the payment made by a professional for an expert review. In addition, experts are rewarded for high-quality expert reviews in the following ways:

  1. Elevate your brand: automatic addition of high-quality reviews to the expert portfolio, resulting in an improved reputation and a better portfolio
  2. Prioritized matching:  the higher the rating by professionals for high-quality reviews, the more projects experts get to review.
  3. A community of experts: interact and build new relationships with other high performing product experts in the expert forum
  4. More rewards: more skill credits that can be used by an expert to get their own projects reviewed at a discount.

6. Showcase Your Portfolio

An expert’s portfolio is created based on her activity on the platform. The portfolio contains her projects, endorsements, and expert reviews along with her top skills and skills progression rate. The portfolio serves as a longitudinal record of an expert’s career journey, showcasing contributions along with her current skill level. This, we believe, separates outstanding experts from the rest and help them achieve even bigger success in their career.

Top Skills

Skill Progression by Category