Use Cases for Employers

Check out examples of real-world scenarios and our solutions to help employer hire top product talent
Use Case #1

I want to reduce bias in the hiring process and recruit professionals based on skills, drive and, domain experience


Skills-based hiring: Prowess uses resumes, projects, and expert reviews to evaluate skills. Each candidate has a skill profile that showcases their current skills, skills progression, and experience. Recruiters and hiring managers can use advanced filters to shortlist talent as per their unique needs 

Use Case #2

I am inundated with job applications, and it takes me a while to review and shortlist candidates


Stack-ranked candidate list: recruiters and hiring managers set recruiting goals, including skill thresholds, for a job and Prowess shortlists candidates

Use Case #3

Inflated resumes make it hard to shortlist qualified talent for hard and soft skills


Project-based hiring: employers can assign time bound projects (related to the job) to candidates and our experts can evaluate technical skills, soft skills, and domain knowledge

Use Case #4

It is hard to define skills required for a product manager job posting


PM job with skill profiles: recruiters and hiring managers can use our research-backed eight role archetypes to define skill requirements for a job

Use Case #5

I want to manage talent pipeline, communication and reporting in one place


Employer dashboard: recruiters can manage the talent lifecycle from discover, screening,  communication, and closing on Prowess dashboard