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1. Receive product management expert feedback

Vetted Experts

Experts are strongly vetted for demonstrable experience and skills

Anonymous and Unbiased

Experts conduct blind reviews to provide you merit based feedback


Receive feedback on each skill tagged in your project

Smart Matching

Tag skills to project and get matched with experts who have similar skills

360° Review

You review expert feedback to maintain quality of evaluations

2. Build Your Portfolio

Added Credibility

Expert vetted project adds credence to your portfolio, differentiating you from other professionals

Completely Private

Your project reviews are always kept private and you have full control over who sees what on your portfolio

Improved Skills Score

Skill specific expert reviews increase your skills score right where you need

Improved Percentile Ranking

Learn about your performance relative to other professionals for every skill and seniority level

Meet the Experts


Bradley Gambling

Product Manager with 10+ years of experience creating both B2B and B2C digital products leveraging agile development, customer insights and rapid prototyping.


John Mwangi

I have been building products at Mastercard for 10+years and I am here to upcoming product managers grow in their careers.


Jennifer Mazzon

Chief Product Officer at Merit America; former 2xCPO; founding head of product for Google Docs, Coursera for Business, Apigee Edge and others. My approach is to... Align stakeholders and teams...


Sanjeev Gupta

I am an experienced product manager, marketer, engineer, strategic planner, management consultant, and a result-oriented professional. With a wide range of experience in product management and business planning, I have...


Alex Sarlin

My expertise lies in Adult Education, Higher Education, E-Learning and Learning and Development Management, with over 10 years of experience in the field, including positions as Director of Learning, Design...


Chetan Peddada

Responsible for leading card processing on PayPal and Braintree platforms. This includes defining the growth strategy, working closely with engineering to build new capabilities, and partnering with go-to-market teams, and...


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