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Grow steadily. Pay as you go.
$ 0
  • Build Personalized Skills Plan
  • Access Community
  • Access Curated Learning Resources
  • Showcase Projects
  • Receive Endorsements
  • Build Portfolio
  • Access Curated PM Jobs
  • Earn and Redeem Rewards


Grow with intent. Get personalized feedback.
$ 19
95 month
  • Everything in Basic and ...
  • Curated Projects
  • Expert-Guided Group Projects
  • Employer Sponsored Projects
  • 1 Expert Review Per Month
  • Smart Job Matching
  • Skills Benchmarking
  • 1-1 Expert Feedback

Features Basic
($19.95/ month)
Know Target Skills
Set career goals based on role archetypes
Know target skill score and skill level
Receive personalized skills map
Demonstrate Skills
Add projects
Participate in expert-guided group projects
Access curated projects
Access employer-sponsored projects
Earn and redeem Prowess Rewards
Evaluate Skills
Receive project-based endorsements
Receive Expert reviews
($100 per review)

(1 review per month)
Track skill progression
Benchmark skill progression
Showcase Skills
Build portfolio
Realtime portfolio updates
Control portfolio access
Share with anyone, anytime
Get Hired For Skills
Access job board
Know target job skill level
Smart skill based job matching
Access employer sponsered projects
One click job application with portfolio
Grow And Network
Community access
Build community reputation
Curated learning resources
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Our members have been able to share work projects in following ways –

  1. Ask your employer: In many cases employer has given permission to the employee to share the project. This generally happens in cases when the project has already been launched or is not mission critical to the company.
  2. Submit a redacted version: You can remove all sensitive information from the project or even repurpose the project to make it shareable and still showcase your skills.
  3. Request endorsement: You can create a shell project that lists the skills you developed  but does not go into the details of your work. You can then ask your teammates to endorse you for the project on a 5 point scale.

Experts and employers create projects that are used by professionals to showcase their skills. The projects serve goals –

  1. Real world projects – experts have been the field for a while and they create projects based on their experience. 
  2. Job related projects – employers post projects related to their job postings. This allows professionals to showcase their skills in projects relevant to employers.

You can cancel your membership anytime. Just email us at [email protected] and we will cancel your membership within 1 business day.

You have full control over access to your portfolio. You can keep it private, share it with the community or make it public.

Your data is your data. Your expert review information is kept anonymous and none of your information is shared with the community without your approval. With regards to the expert review, the average score across your expert reviews will be sharable with your consent. You can submit multiple projects and receive multiple endorsements and expert reviews. If you achieve a good score, you can make your information public with a flip of a button!