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Dave Kim
Gregory Morris
Gregory Morris
Analyst, Prisma Health, US
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The personalization is powerful. It provides me actionable steps to grow and meet my career goals.
Haley Thurston
Haley Thurston
Product Manager, Red Mare, US
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Prowess is unique because it gives me a product manager skills map and then pushes me to learn by doing instead of just learning theory.
Dhruvin Shah
Dhruvin Shah
Student, Columbia University, US
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The platform is seamless. I can set my goals, work on projects and get feedback from experts - all in one place, to build my product manager portfolio.
Ugochi Onwuliri
Ugochi Onwuliri
Engineer, Interswitch, Nigeria
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Prowess has helped me a lot, especially in learning user research, developing user personas, prioritization, and budgeting.
Ashish Roshan
Ashish Roshan
Growth PM, Furlenco, India
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There is nothing better out there to build product manager skills on a self-serve basis. I worked on hands-on projects and received specific feedback from experts
Paul Oladimeji
Paul Oladimeji
PM, Popular Robotics, Mauritius
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This is the most actionable and specific feedback I have ever received on approaching a product design challenge
Ambica Pruthi
Ambica Pruthi
Marketing, Equifax, Singapore
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Expert-guided group projects enabled me to upskill by interviewing real users and building something tangible
Ugo Ouigbo
Ugo Ouigbo
Business Owner, Nigeria
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Expert feedback was perfect. It highlighted my strengths and areas of improvement for current project and beyond

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Senior Product Manager – 3test – United States

Top Skills
Market analysis
User research
Growth experiments
Writing and presentation
API integration

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How to empower music artists?

Business model design Product requirements User journey and personas

Objective: Your goal in this project is to propose a solution that empowers artists to 

  • Monetize their work
  • Keep the majority of the revenue generated from their work
  • Keep control of their music
  • Build a direct relationship with their fans

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