User Personas: Learner, Educator and Employers


Feature prioritization
User journey and personas
User research


Learner needs


A successful enterprise SaaS player is considering entering the education tech sector. The company believes that they have the technical ability to build a product for the education space, but the company is struggling to understand the different stakeholders involved in the higher education and professional learning space. The SaaS player is known for it’s strong go-to-market capabilities but company is not sure where to target. Your role is to educate the company about the persona of different stakeholders in this space.


  1. Select a key stakeholder in the online learning space.
  2. Create a user persona for that stakeholder. The user persona should include key motivations, drivers and decision making process of the stakeholder.
  3. List your recommendations for an online learning product for the selected user persona. This could be an existing or new product.


3 page document or 6 slide presentation.

The project consists of a presentation with the following agenda:

  • What Do Key Stakeholders Value
    • Learner Needs
    • Educator Needs
    • Business Needs
    • Education Institution Needs
  • Impact on Online Education Players

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