Himanshu Singh
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Head of International Experience

Mandate – grow revenue and active users for 14 international editions in 6 languages.
– Family subscriptions (B2C)
– School/ District subscriptions (B2B and B2B2C)
– Teacher subscriptions (B2B2C)

Skills acquired: User research, user stories, user experience design, analytics and quantitative testing, team management and mentorship, agile development, strategy and roadmap planning, go-to-market strategy.

Head of Operations, Content & Credentials

Got things done to grow business by 100% Y-o-Y.
A few responsibilities include:
– Align cross functional efforts and prioritize learning product launch plan to hit revenue goals
– Build operational muscle by setting up processes and systems to scale business for 30% employee growth
– Expanded Coursera’s presence in Latin America and Russia with first ever non-English learning programs

Principal Product Manager, Content & Credentials

Channels: B2C and Institutions
Products: Online Degrees, MOOCs

Launched education products in business, tech, data and health across the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. User enrollments and revenue in launched products grew more than 100% YoY.

Lead a 50+ person cross-functional team to identify, prioritize, launch more than 12 learning products with some of the biggest brands in higher-ed.

Skills acquired: user persona and stories, product roadmap planning, decision making, leadership, management, negotiations, product-market fit (new product design, new business model design), product growth strategy, pricing and competitive analysis.


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EdTech Fellow

Learn, connect, and build EdTech companies with founders and operators around the world.

Senior Product Manager, Content & Credentials

Product: Online Degrees
Built learning product team from scratch for the biggest product at Coursera (Online Degrees) by defining learning product roadmap and strategic growth plan while leading cross functional teams. Launched learning products with revenue more than $50M.

Business Development Manager, MOOCs

Product: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)
Managed and grew high impact partnerships, resulting in $XM annual revenue while increasing access to education for millions around the world.
• Achieved 200% revenue growth and educated 5M+ learners by monetizing Stanford and launching 50+ MOOCs.
• Negotiated multimillion-dollar partnerships with top tier creators to secure content worth $XM.

Corporate Strategy Manager

Sector – Automotive, Transportation and Energy
Products – Telematics system, Trucks, Engines, Generators, Batteries, Filters

Project work with the CEO’s office –
– New market entry assessments, product partnerships and path-to-market strategies
– Product growth strategy
– Product portfolio management and expansion
– Organization design and restructuring

Skills acquired – strategy (growth, portfolio management, go to market planning), acquisitions, competitive analysis, data analysis, financial modeling, stakeholder management, team management

Key results:
– Implemented Go-to-Market strategy for rural electrification product by defining the business model and partner engagement model in Asia and Africa, enabling electrification in thousands of villages
– Created strategic growth plan for $XB business unit, resulting in product partnership and JVs.
– Defined risk mitigation framework to assess threat from disruptive technologies. The framework is used by business unit head.

Manager – Digital Transformation and Performance Improvement

Sectors – Consumer Goods, Tech and Chemical

Led multiple 15+ member teams to execute projects in technology transformation, operations effectiveness, and product portfolio strategy.

Skills acquired – leadership, team management, user experience research, product development, strategy, problem solving, operations improvement, project management, customer success, user acceptance testing, user support.

Examples –
• Led 7-member team to gather user requirements, design workflows and launch financial management tool at 120 sites of a chemical company, saving 3 days in books closing time for 3K users.
• Enforced effective disbursement of $500M World Bank grant to 170 research centers (10K employees) by designing fund disbursement framework, mapping regulations to product features and conducting usability testing, resulting in 100% adoption and compliance.

Senior Associate – Digital Transformation and Performance Improvement

Sectors – Consumer Goods, Government, Industrials

Built and launched enterprise SaaS product solutions that saved millions in finance, operations, supply chain and service functions at companies with over 20K employees.

Skills acquired – user research, conceptual modelling, user persona definition, user journey mapping, product development, user testing, bug identification and resolution, data analysis, leadership, communication and stakeholder management.

Work-streams – product strategy, user research, operations improvement, supply chain management, organization design and digital transformation.

• Launched route optimization tool at a consumer goods company by creating a route recommendation framework based on SKUs distribution and order history at 17 warehouses, resulting in 80% reduction in delivery delay rate.
• Build a custom order management application that used real time inventory and sales data to decrease order processing time by 70% at 7 locations of an industrial company.

Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

• Elected Student Body Executive Vice President (1 out of 320) – removed redundant student club leadership positions to increase accountability among officers.• Elected Class Secretary, Alumni Relations (2 out of 320) – co-led one of the biggest class gift campaigns in school’s history.

Bachelor of Engineering (BE)

Lots of math, logic, programming, VLSI design, and network theory combined with student club leadership experience. Classes I enjoyed the most – Data Structures, Scientific Computing, C, C++, UNIX, Java, Microprocessor Programming, Network Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Probability Models and Stochastic Analysis, VLSI Design.

Licenses and Certifications

AI for Everyone

Certified Supply Chain Professional