Mockups for a Talent Discovery Product


Product requirements
User journey and personas
Wireframes and mocks


learn and earn


The popularity of online learning platforms around the world has created abundance of content that anyone anywhere in the world can use to learn almost anything. The next step in the evolution of online learning for some forward looking online learning platforms is to go beyond learning and focus on job outcomes for learners. The goals of this project is to identify innovative ways to connect high performing learning with job opportunities.


  1. Select a job vertical to focus on for job outcomes.
  2. Articulate the jobs to be done for a learner after completing the course on an online learning platform.
  3. Design the user experience after learner completes a course that leads to a tangible outcome. Example – job interview, job offer, call with recruiter.

Please clearly list dependencies on other products outside your mock up.


Maximum of 6 page document, 10 slide presentation or mock ups in your favorite design tool. The deliverable must contain design artifacts that show the user journey.

The project focusses on users learning on online platforms such as LinkedIn Learning. The mocks showcase how a user’s progress in online courses can be used to create a user’s skills profile that can be used to match job opportunity with skills.

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