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Using the First Midwest Bank online payment through the website, I found myself frustrated attempting to make a payment. The payment process was done on a different website from the main account access site, which was not intuitive. I would log into the main site to be frustrated that I needed to go to another site to make the payment. I then used the app, only to find that the payment process had a similar issue. As I make all of my financial and service payments online, I was puzzled as to why this process felt different than the other payment processes.

A study to improve the payment process for First Midwest Bank. This project will focus on the mobile app for presentation but the findings apply to the web payment process as well.

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This is the project breakdown for First Midwest Bank Payment Process. The First Midwest Bank manual payment process suffered from being inconsistent with customer expectations, confusing and difficult if you were trying to use the app with a disability. Research showed customers preferred simple banking applications and that there is potentially measurable gain from being simpler as well. The payment process was simplified from 8 steps to 4, made more intuitive, and avoided the smaller font and clutter of the previous process.


  • Exploratory Analysis
    • Online banking
    • Digital payments
    • Digital customer experience
    • Simplification of digital payments
  • Competitor payment process review
  • First Midwest Bank payment process review

Key findings

  1. Too many steps
  2. Two separate access processes
  3. Competitors offer a simpler process
  4. Not consistent with the Principles of Simple Banking

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