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A product manager’s main role is to answer which software we should build, which parts we should build first. Making these decisions require having a broad understanding of user needs, business needs, organization culture and conventions (especially for enterprise or b2b tools) as well as technical effort and constraints. I love being a PM because it requires breadth of skills in many areas rather than deep technical understanding in just one area. PMs should have the ability to see the forest, abstract complex issues into achievable targets for the engineering team. PMs should have the ability to identify essential needs of users, should have intuition for how to interpret user research data, and distill actual essential needs from plethora of data that can suggest way too many things.

I want to become a Product Manager because I love the intersection of human behevior, design and technology. I’ve first hand experienced how powerful tech can be and how it can positively impact society and communities – I want to be apart of the better changes in the world. I’m passionate about making a difference and like to get things done.

For me, Product Management is exciting for three main reasons:

  • Solving problems for users: As a PM – I have the chance to think deeply about our users and think about ways to solve their problems in daily lives through our products and services – and in turn, help them get their jobs done.
  • Learn: Product Management is a very cross functional role – and that gives me the opportunity to learn new competencies and skills from experts in the domains
  • Become a better thinker: PM’ing, essentially – is all about solving problems – and by doing that – I aim to become better at general problem solving

At our best, product managers can see the problems nobody new how to define and build solutions that are so simple, people wonder why it didn’t exist before. Contrary to what the job title may suggest, Product managers don’t just manage “products,” but investigate the human experience to understand, define and bring to life the tools, services, and products that the world is hungry for.

I became a product manager because I wanted to solve real problems that took all of this and more into consideration. I want to work with people, understand what motivates them, what moves them, and what blocks them to achieve what they want. I believe product managers are in a privileged position to work with people of all skills and expertise, and bring it together to synergy with the insight of the customers pain points and needs. When this happens, it’s like magic.

For self achievement, The product manager builds useful products for users and makes the world better.

For the team, The product manager can work with the team, and leverage the team resources to make things happen, which is more impactful.

For the company, Pm are usually problem solvers, help companies to solve problems and grow better