Introducing Prowess

Product Manager Portfolio

After working for 6 years in EdTech at Coursera and IXL Learning, I am excited to announce my startup Prowess – a skills-first community for product managers to stand out in the job market with expert vetted portfolios.

Hiring is broken and current signals of skills (e.g., pedigree, a day of interviews, and referrals) are biased at best. People should get opportunities based on what they can do instead of where they learned, how they learned, or who they know. There should be a system that reduces bias, focuses on skills, and gives a fair opportunity to anyone with the drive and curiosity to grow their career. That is why I decided to apply my EdTech experience to build Prowess.

By building a skills evaluation and progression system that empowers professionals to share work done on and off the platform in the form of projects to build their reputation. Professionals can engage in quality discussions, showcase their skills, and receive expert feedback to add credibility to their portfolios. Anyone, irrespective of background, can join Prowess. There are no gates or admission hurdles; you can create your account, show your work, receive anonymous expert feedback, and grow your career with a like-minded community.

A platform that brings professionals, experts, and employers together to build a merit-based community to show skills, network with others, and discover high potential professionals.

The platform is for

  1. Aspiring product managers – young or mid-career professionals can leverage Prowess to showcase their skills and break into product management
  2. Early to mid-career product managers – share your work and  participate in the community of practice to hone your craft and build your reputation
  3. Expert product leaders – give back to the community, build your leadership skills, and hire professionals based on skills
  4. Employers – go beyond antiquated resumes to recruit professionals based on demonstrable skills, drive, and potential.

If you are frustrated with the current hiring process and want to join a skills-first community, click here.

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