Career Quiz Design


User journey and personas
User research
Wireframes and mocks


Context   The scope of this internship is to design a Career Quiz for students and early career professionals looking to launch their careers in the tech industry.



  • Personality, Cognitive and Behavioral Assessment
  • Previous Education and Work Experience Quiz
  • Degree and Online Course Matches
  • Career and RadicalX Internship Matches

Objective To help students, early career professionals and professionals transitioning into tech make a better decision about which tech career to choose and match them to that career and a suitable RadicalX Internship

Format Career Quiz Website

Resources (if any)

Solution Summary  Tech Career Quiz for students, early career professionals and professionals transitioning into tech

Problem Statement  Students, early career professionals and professionals transitioning into tech all face difficulties, intimidation and a lack of resources to make the right tech career choice.

Methodology User Surveys, User Interviews, Secondary Research, Competitive Audit, Usability studies, User Journey Maps, User Personas, Design Thinking, Agile methodology

Key findings

The primary user pain points are

  • Indecisiveness in choosing a career path in tech due to multiple career interests
  • Lack of access to information on options and resources is a setback faced in taking up a career in tech.
  • Lack of Finance to pursue a particular tech career.


  1. It is important to have a good balance in creating a very quick quiz but be comprehensive enough to assist the user in determining the best tech career path
  2. Quiz results should be concise and clear to be enjoyable
  3. Quiz results should point the user to a specific career rather than presenting many possible career options.
  4. Providing tailored user journeys based on the current career level could yield better matching than a one-size-fits-all quiz

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