Emelda Daka
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Information Technology
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Product Manager


I am involved with the following assignments:

(Group Internship) Product Manager: design a Career Quiz for students and early career professionals looking to launch their careers in the tech industry.

  • Use Agile methods to manage a cross-functional team, create research and product strategy, conduct user research, create prototypes, test and iterate.
  • Draft hypothesis and problem statement.
  • Estimate user story points and drive project deliverables.
  • Define business value proposition.
  • Create user journeys and user personas
  • Conduct user research and usability tests on hi-fi prototype

Atompoint Advanced UX Design

Redesign the E7 bank app to make onboarding shorter.

  • Conduct heuristic evaluation, competitive Analysis and create proto-personas, wireframes, responsive hi-fi prototypes

Skills: UX Research · Wireframing · Balsamiq · UXR · User Experience Design (UED) Figma

Social Impact Blogger

» Desktop Research, creative content designing and blogging using Canva and Blogger
» Building the organization’s brand and optimizing social media accounts across social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter
» Lead generation and marketing campaign creation using MailChimp
» Engaging with project beneficiaries sourced from lead generating campaigns
» Managing, growing and hosting the online community, H-TAG
»Masterminding the organization’s vision, mission & values

Project Pakati ChangeMaker

Representing African youth on development issues that lead to sustainable change and youth inclusive leadership on the African continent through collaboration on a continental platform.

» Selected from 600 outstanding applicants, from across Africa, to be a part of Project Pakati.
» Strategizing to ensure that young people do not continue to be marginalised in decision-making and shaping Africa’s leadership.
» Deliberating on sustainable youth inclusive leadership structures for African countries
» Leading a team of 13 changemakers in research on the viability of the Minesterial Council of Young Sector Experts leadership structure as a form of youth inclusive governance.
» Engaging with teammates on the various issues that affect youths in Africa to create innovative solutions to those problems.


»Social Impact strategy
»Masterminding organization’s mission, vision and values.
»Managing volunteers
»Coordinating start-up team activities

Human Resources Recruitment Consultant

Assistant Payroll & Office Administrator

» Assisting the finance manager with clearing the 4 year bank reconciliation back log within 7 months through accurate and timeous data capturing
» Managing telephone and email communication between the company and its clients or suppliers
» Processing and reconciliation of monthly payroll of 200 staff complement in a timeous and accurate manner
» Supporting the financial director with processing invoices, VAT expenditure for tax submissions and cash flow spreadsheets for banking
» Reconciliation of creditors statements and invoices
» Managing and operating office equipment as well as supporting the finance team with ad hoc duties

Research Assistant

» Aiding with Project Research Topic: Effectiveness of HIV Anti-retroviral Therapy on restoring rural livelihoods

» Applying qualitative and quantitative research skills for project monitoring and evaluation

» Developing an M & E framework and compiling written reports for feedback

» Investigating issues of gender, poverty and institutions supporting HIV and AIDS treatment programs

» Facilitating the development of a research methodology for a social research study on the impacts of anti-retroviral treatment on the livelihoods of patients

» Engaging in field research and observation, compiling questionnaires, data gathering and analysis

Degree Programs

Google UX Design Professional Certification

certificate, Global Social Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Social Science, Sociology & Environmental Studies

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Human Behavior Theories



Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Licenses and Certifications

Product Analytics Micro-Certification (PAC)™

Product-Led Growth Micro-Certification (PLGC)™?

Agile Scrum Master

Design a Low Fidelity Prototype in Figma

Enterprise Design Thinking Co-creator

Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design

Business Analysis and Process Management

Business Models for Innovative Care for Older People

Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner