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In this article, Merci Victoria Grace challenges the belief that product intuition is a natural talent that only a few possess. She argues that product intuition is a skill that can be learned and developed through observing human behavior, analyzing data, and applying it to software development. Grace introduces the concept of the “Product Hierarchy,” which emphasizes the importance of deeply understanding customers’ thoughts and experiences as the foundation of product intuition.


Instead of starting with a preconceived product idea, Grace suggests beginning with a thorough understanding of the customer. She emphasizes the need for an open mind and letting customer reactions shape product thinking, rather than relying on personal opinions. The article provides practical methods for building product intuition at different stages of product/market fit, such as continuous learning through quick feedback loops and iterating on assumptions.


Overall, Grace’s approach to developing product intuition involves prioritizing customer understanding, iterating on assumptions, and maintaining a customer-centric focus throughout the product development process. By following this structured approach, product professionals can enhance their ability to create successful and impactful products.

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