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Julie Zhuo’s cheat sheet offers valuable advice for engineers and product managers on effectively working with designers. She emphasizes the importance of speaking the language of designers and shifting the focus from metrics to users. Zhuo categorizes designers into visual design, interaction design, and product design, and highlights the significance of aligning designers with problems that match their strengths. She also introduces a hierarchical perspective on the responsibilities of designers based on their seniority levels.


Collaboration and feedback among designers are emphasized, with Zhuo stating that regular feedback sessions with peers lead to stronger work. She advocates for designers to spend more time with other designers during the idea generation phase and collaborate with engineers during execution. Zhuo acknowledges the challenge of measuring the impact of design qualitatively, emphasizing the long-term effects on user experience, consistency, and delight.


The cheat sheet concludes with the reminder that caring about design details is the most direct way to win a designer’s appreciation and commitment. Overall, Zhuo’s guidance focuses on adopting user-centric language, recognizing designers’ strengths, understanding their hierarchical responsibilities, promoting collaboration and feedback, and valuing design details. This cheat sheet provides practical guidance for engineers and product managers to enhance their collaboration with designers.

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