Improving provider reviews by prompting members


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Provider Review Prompt

This work was a scoping phase of work that involved definition of the following epic:

As a PPO plan member searching for physicians, I want to see a large volume of trustworthy validated reviews so I can trust I am picking the best doctor

This work aims to increase the number of reviews in the find-a-doctor application by soliciting for reviews when members have seen a physician and log in to their member portal.

Sampling for reviews with streamlined reviews prompting has the potential to draw in 280k-860k validated reviews over 3 years. This would impact all members searching for a primary care physician.

When a user who has seen a physician in the past year logs into their member portal the user will be prompted to review their doctor, with a 3-click review form. The review is as easy to fill as it is to ignore.

The prompt allows a user to submit an overall rating and recommendation with additional optional review fields.

Reviews are triggered for authenticated, returning users who have not already reviewed the doctor in the last year.

Resources (if any)

  • Conducted customer discovery interviews in the physician selection space
  • Conducted current state SWOT analysis of Find-a-Doctor reviews
  • Researched provider reviews on competing health plan sites
  • Researched review offerings of 3rd party websites and vendor websites
  • Defined and socialized solution options
  • Defined an epic and associated user stories for implementing this epic: Improving Provider Reviews By Prompting Members

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