Gabriella Miele
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Upcoming Product Manager

With 6 years of experience in product marketing in the B2B SaaS industry, I bring expertise in user research, data analysis, and strategy. Eager to transition into Product Management, my passion for strategic thinking and cross-functional collaboration drives me to create impactful solutions that positively impact people’s lives.

Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
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Business model design Digital marketing Distribution planning Feature prioritization Growth experiments Listening Market analysis Market positioning Marketing collateral Metrics definition Negotiation Performance tracking Product roadmap Relationship building Stakeholder alignment User research Wireframes and mocks Writing and presentation Agile methodologies
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Interim Project Manager

Currently in a contract role as a People and Project Manager at HubSpot to take over during someone’s maternity leave! I will be leaving this role by July 2023.

  • Led a team of three individuals under the supervision of a functional senior director and responsible for decisions and final solutions.
  • Aligned projects with business goals and metrics, prioritizing and conducting research to ensure cross-functional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were met.
  • Successfully lead meetings and managed 10+ key projects from creation to execution during the manager’s parental leave.
  • Revamped and optimized onboarding processes and documentation, continually improving objectives, processes, and project management strategies.
  • Facilitated stakeholder management for competitive intelligence, organizing meetings to gather internal feedback on operational effectiveness and areas for improvement.
  • Provided strategic guidance to the team based on collected insights. Collaborated closely with the Web team and SEO specialists to incorporate up-to-date competitive intelligence into existing assets, resulting in optimized performance and relevance.
  • Nurtured relationships with 2-3 competitive intelligence software vendors, ensuring access to vital tools and staying informed about industry trends.
  • Delivered reports on team success metrics, demonstrating contributions to business objectives.
  • Utilized analytics to inform decision-making processes effectively.

Product Marketing Manager

  • Created an entirely new gtm approach from start to finish to my last company and increased pipeline by 500% (or 81.71% per quarter over 5 quarters).
  • Created an entirely new platform messaging strategy and buyer persona strategy and had to reposition our core features to the new messaging.
  • Create and set the record straight on what product marketing does at my last company and create documentation of all processes.
  • Achieved 233% MoM growth by driving strategic partnerships, fostering cross functional collaboration, and executing GTM strategies.
  • Utilized business and technical insights to identify opportunities, evaluate tradeoffs, and prioritize roadmap initiatives in collaboration with the product team.
  • Key decision maker in launch approach for features
  • Established a formal and ongoing client communication process for Product Release Management, achieving over 250% increase in feature engagement and 80% customer retention.
  • Empowered cross-functional teams with training on user stories, market intelligence, product insights, and industry research, impacting 100+ team members for product launches.
  • Developed global Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy and Value Chain Assessment process, leveraging communication tools like Jira and Confluence across three regions.
  • Engaged with senior leadership to shape product strategy, presenting analysis, reports, and recommendations to stakeholders for an AI-consumer insights company.
  • Gained in-depth knowledge of product platform’s architecture, codebase, and technologies, enabling informed decision-making and guidance.
  • Create user stories to secure consensus and support from the cross-functional team.

Technical Project and Account Manager

Directed a team of 9 freelance writers, overseeing creation and editing of 600 annual content pieces. • Aligned development with the product roadmap, ensuring precise execution of strategic business objectives. • Spearheaded meticulous metrics forecasting and tracking, optimizing website traffic, and ROI for PPC, SEO, and link building.


Career Highlights

• Achieved an outstanding 1,700% surge in Single Page SEO Revenue, showcasing expertise in driving remarkable revenue growth through strategic SEO initiatives. • Propelled revenue by 100% in 4 months by leading cross-functional teams for web and mobile platform development. • Cultivated an exceptional 80% client retention rate, nurturing trusted advisor relationships across 18 technical projects. • Curated impactful technical training for 100+ global agencies during COVID-19, ensuring unwavering revenue streams

Social Media Content Intern

•Created original content for Instagram stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
•Curated a content schedule for Instagram Stories each week with original content
•Acquired a list of influencers and potential partnership opportunities through social media interaction
•Informed and educated customers on products and various questions pertaining to the product line.
•Resolved customer service issues that rose publically or privately through all social media channels.
•Consulted with the CEO & Founder, the Marketing Manager, and Social Media Manager for content distribution.
•Expanded engagement and outreach through Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Product Marketing & PR Internship

• Initiated as the first Social Media Manager of Jomar Stores and oversaw new marketing initiatives (eCommerce events)
• Curated and maintained 3,000 items of clothing in eCommerce store and generated $100,000 in revenue for the first 3 months
• Launched process of social media re-branding
• Advertised 10 Promotional events that generated $300,000 revenue (average ticket price $30)
• Negotiated with customers and updated eCommerce store(s) with listings.
• Created a 75% increase in sales over 6 month period
• Created brand voice, tone, and copywriting for Jomar’s social media branding
• Maintained over 1,000 page views on Instagram
• Gained over 500 followers organically in a two month span on Instagram
• Responsible for public relations to local designers and local shops
• Secured a vendor spot at the Philadelphia Fashion Show
• Create original content for posts
• Engaged customers on Instagram platform
• Create flyers for promotions every week and extra seasonal sales – both online and in-stores
• Initiated usage of SEO in posts
• Update Google My Business listings with promotions, events, digital outreach, and reply to reviews

Account Manager Internship

  • Built client retention for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Informed consumers on new promotions at retail locations.
  • Recruited and mentored a team of people to work with clients.
  • Corresponded and updated employees on new data and paperwork.
  • Initiated and created new articulated guides for training curriculum and meeting schedules.
  • Trained new employees direct marketing metrics.
  • Awarded top Account Managers list within the entire parent company, Smart Circle

Product Marketing Consultant

Founded and operated an independent consulting business, securing partnerships with companies like Pitchbox, Yotpo, HubSpot, and Kismet Prints.
Developed the business website, optimizing design and content for user engagement and search visibility.
Generated 100+ qualified leads monthly through effective marketing strategies.
Collaborated with clients to craft comprehensive product roadmaps, enhancing user experiences and customer satisfaction.


Consulting Highlights:

  • Strategized product marketing collateral for the purchase journey.
  • Reduced demo-to-onboarding time by 10 days through restructuring efforts.
  • Led global webinar presentation research and creation.
  • Managed Agile sprints for new collateral and case studies.
  • Executed 14 end-to-end projects, including replicable content creation.
  • Led design team in A/B testing PPC ads, achieving a 2,407% impression increase and 59.6% conversion boost. Unified design efforts for landing pages and case studies.
  • Led marketing for product feature launches across various channels. Crafted compelling product positioning, value propositions, and messaging.
  • Aligned messaging across internal and external communication channels.

Research Assistant and Marketing/Advertising Internship

  • Internship; Research Assistant, Marketing and Advertising Manager
  • Introduced Instagram advertisements and was responsible for content creation of advertisements and posts that reached to 200+ people a week by end of term.
  • Collaborated with director of company and conceived featured art project with Warrior Writers at The National Jewish Museum, Poetry and World War I
  • Proofread and modified newsletters sent out to 1,000+ members.
  • Advertised events on all social media platforms and allocated money for advertisements based on analyzed marketing reports.
  • Familiarized and developed Submittable page for future publications, poetry submissions, and membership applications to expedite process.

Degree Programs

Product Management

Bachelor’s Degree in English

Minor in Business

GPA: 3.63

•Full-time student and full-time worker maintaining above a 3.5 GPA

•Consultant, American Marketing Association, 2017-2018

•National Society of Leadership and Success, Fall 2017-Present

•Hyphen Literary Magazine, Spring 2017

Licenses and Certifications

Product Management Basics Certification

  • An overview of the product manager role and who they partner with
  • Common challenges in product management—and how to overcome them
  • A deep dive into each phase of the Product Management Life Cycle: Discover, Validate, Build, Launch, Evaluate, and Iterate
  • Best practices and strategies that can be applied at each phase of the life cycle
  • How to build products that deliver customer and business value

Product Management Basics Certification

  • An overview of the product manager role and who they partner with
  • Common challenges in product management—and how to overcome them
  • A deep dive into each phase of the Product Management Life Cycle: Discover, Validate, Build, Launch, Evaluate, and Iterate
  • Best practices and strategies that can be applied at each phase of the life cycle
  • How to build products that deliver customer and business value