Zane Networks, LLC

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Applying innovation so organizations can better help all people enjoy the highest attainable quality of life.

Company Size:  501 – 1,000

Company Type:  Non Profit

Founding Year: 2000

Zane Networks, LLC (ZaneNet), located in Washington DC, serves public and private entities by solving complex problems in the areas of healthcare: healthcare quality reporting, health IT and mobile health and telehealth solutions, value-based care consulting, data-driven healthcare decision making, health information exchange expertise; technology: software and application development, call center services, Learning Management System implementation and audio-visual and video-teleconferencing services, and staffing: experienced technical, project management and clinical personnel.


ZaneNet was founded by Alexandra Jellerette, MA and Luigi Leblanc, MPH in 2000. Certified as an EDWOSB by the SBA, ZaneNet is also a District certified CBE and Maryland certified MBE company. In addition, ZaneNet is a Maryland Management Service Organization (MSO) certified by Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC). ZaneNet was recently nationally re-certified by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). EHNAC certifies that healthcare organizations have the processes and infrastructure in place to ensure that health information (PHI) is stored, accessed and/or transmitted in a private and secure manner.

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