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Your all-in-one #AEC platform for building code visibility and access, structured research, and firm-wide code expertise

Company Size:  31 – 100

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Founding Year: 2016

UpCodes is an all-in-one platform for code visibility and access, enabling structured code research, and encouraging company-wide code expertise. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, general contractor, code consultant, or government official, UpCodes is perfect for you.

Here’s what UpCodes enables for you:
+ A multi-dimensional way of looking at a jurisdiction’s adopted codes, enabling your team to find the code requirements and amendments quickly and easily.
+ Seamless access to a jurisdiction’s adopted codes, as well as visibility into how the code has evolved.
+ Streamlined project management that helps you save time and money by catching errors upstream with validation and error-checking.
+ Levels up the team’s collective expertise of code requirements with a centralized source of truth for code commentary, bookmarking, and compliance management.

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