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The #1 Akashic Records Training School In The World.

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Soul Journeys® is an international Miracle-Rich, Referral-Based, Soul Coaching business. As Soul Journeys® Empowerment and Enlightenment Coach, I joyfully offer many profoundly transformative services and courses for your soul’s ascension journey, including: Light Body Activation and Ascension, Akashic Record Consultations and Classes, Empowerment and Enlightenment Soul Coaching, and much, much more!
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Soul Journeys® Akashic Record Consultations
Are you truly ready to invest in creating a purpose-filled life and activate your fullest soul potential?

The Akashic Records are the energetic document of your soul and hold infinite information for you to instantly access for permanent healing, divine guidance for your soul’s journey, and powerful manifestation to create YOUR life beyond your wildest dreams!

As a leading expert in Akashic Records and Soul Acceleration, it is my joy to instantly create a crystal clear connection with YOUR soul’s record and lovingly access your sacred information on your behalf that can: powerfully align you to your soul’s purpose, joyously activate your divine gifts and talents, inspiringly elevate you to your divine essence, lovingly provide you clear understanding about events in your life, exuberantly liberate you from any blockages preventing you from BE-ing who YOU really are and were meant to be, AND gracefully share divine guidance with you about how you can live the most joyous, expansive, abundant path beyond your wildest dreams!

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