SambaNova Systems

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Purpose built for pervasive AI

Company Size:  101 - 500

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Founding Year: 2017

AI is changing the world and at SambaNova, we believe that you don’t need unlimited resources to take advantage of the most advanced, valuable AI capabilities – capabilities that are helping organizations explore the universe, find cures for cancer, and giving companies access to insights that provide a competitive edge.

We’ve built an enterprise-ready AI platform from the ground up – intentionally designed for the most valuable and complex AI workloads of today and tomorrow. Using our platform to build a technology backbone for the next decade of AI innovation, organizations get pre-trained Foundation Models that truly transform the way they gain value from AI and deep learning. And, with our flagship offering, Dataflow-as-a-Service™, we help them realize value 22x faster.

SambaNova was founded in 2017 in Palo Alto, California, by a group of industry luminaries, business leaders, and world-class innovators who understand AI. Today, we’ve built an incredibly smart and motivated team dedicated to making a lasting impact on the industry and equipping our customers to thrive in the new era of AI.

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