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Raiven’s cloud platform & purchasing program saves you money while helping your employees buy smarter & more efficiently

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Raiven is a leading cloud-based procurement platform that helps businesses source and procure smarter and more efficiently as well as a purchasing program that delivers significant discounts from industry-leading suppliers.

Our powerful and easy-to-use platform is used by hundreds of contractors, facility managers and building owners to save time and money by streamlining the process of procuring supplies and independent contractors. Raiven created an exclusive partnership with Avendra®, a leader in purchasing programs and supply chain management, to deliver pre-negotiated discounts on MRO products and business essentials based on the aggregated spend of our clients. We developed our cloud-based procurement platform to provide consumer-like access these deep discounts.

Raiven was launched as a spin-off from Qmerit, the national leader in EV charging station installations. Raiven’s cloud platform is used to manage all Qmerit contractors in North America as well as provides these contractors with substantial discounts on parts, equipment, and business essentials purchases.

To learn more about Raiven, visit www.Raiven.com and to join our team, visit www.Raiven.com/careers

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