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Changing the perception of obesity and redefining how it is treated with Evolve and Flyte Medical

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Founding Year: 2018

Together, we can bring a new perspective that treats people as more than pounds on a scale, addressing the root causes of obesity with the best in medical science, behavioral tools and psychology. Because obesity is not a lifestyle issue. It’s not a lack of willpower or some personal failure. It’s a medical disease. And that’s how we treat it.

Our Evolve platform allows care teams to deliver specialized obesity treatment, and our Flyte Medical care team can help deliver treatment when you need extra support.

With Evolve, Intellihealth scales obesity treatment by empowering providers with tech-enabled tools, including virtual care platforms that incorporate telehealth, clinical decision support, remote patient monitoring, online education tools, and medical treatment approaches that are personalized for every patient.

For organizations that want to offer their people an effective weight loss solution backed by the services of expert metabolic health specialists, Flyte Medical provides MDs, NPs, and Registered Dietitians to medically treat obesity and excess weight.

Our podcast is “Weight Matters” and is hosted by one of the foremost pioneers in the rapidly growing field of obesity medicine, Dr. Louis Aronne, and his colleague and fellow co-founder of Intellihealth, Dr. Katherine Saunders. Weight Matters offers an expert perspective on the underlying science of obesity, the myriad impacts it has on our health, society and psychology, how we can tackle the epidemic and the urgency of what will happen if we don’t.

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