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Helping technology businesses build and grow their teams around the world.

Company Size:  16 – 30

Company Type:  Privately Held

Founding Year: 2013

Intelletec helps startups grow to their full potential, without having to worry about their hiring needs. So what makes us different? 1. Being right at the forefront of the industry and keeping abreast of new industries and technologies makes us stand out from the crowd. 2. Intelletec works with VC, Angels and other industry leaders and has formed close relationships that are based on trust. 80% of our business comes from referrals! 3. All of our consultants were brought up in the new era of technology and social media, therefore we are all passionate in what we do 4. We get a real buzz helping to shape engineering teams from scratch and knowing that we can make a big difference to the success of any company we help out. 5. Being small has its pro’s, most importantly being FLEXIBLE which is crucial (in the startup world). Large recruitment agencies tend to fall short of this. 6. We now have an office in Los Angeles and a team in New York allowing us to cover more of the globe. With two dedicated USA based teams we are still able to give all our clients a personal and bespoke service.

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