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360insights is a partner engagement and business optimization company, enabling brands to better influence, manage, and engage with their complex channel ecosystems. The company offers a suite of channel solutions including a?SaaS-based platform that empowers brands to fully orchestrate?their complex partner networks and optimize their promotional spend on MDF/Co-op, rebates, promotional allowances, SPIFFs, and rewards. Combining incentive management and ecosystem orchestration with a powerful data analytics engine, 360insights serves more than 300 of the most recognizable brands around the world, across multiple industries, helping them grow their indirect business. ?Learn more at?360insights.com

With nearly 600 employees and over $5B transacting through our systems, 360insights is trusted by more than 330 global brands and is considered one of the largest pure play incentive companies in the channel.

Career opportunities: https://360insights.com/careers

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