How is skills score calculated?

Your skills score is expected to be like your credit score in finance. The goal is to provide a holistic representation of your skills which includes self-reported and assessment-based data. The following data points are used:

  • Self-reported data
    • Resume
    • Project submissions
  • Assessment-based data
    • Expert reviews
    • Project-based endorsements
The data is analyzed for competence based on skill rubrics associated with your target role archetype and seniority. This data is then visually depicted on your portfolio in the form of category level score, skill level score, and skill progression.

How can you improve your skills score?

  • Upload your resume with details about your work experience
  • Ensure resume import is successful with accurate start and end dates
  • If dates are not added, please edit your experience and reprocess your profile
  • Add and publish projects from work, school, side gig, or any other passion project
  • Request expert review for every new project
  • Request endorsements for every new project
  • Haven’t done any projects? Start a new project by joining a group project or working on an individual project

How will a higher skills score help?

  • You will be matched with better job opportunities
  • Employers would take notice of your skills growth
  • You have a better representation of your skills and will be able to share the portfolio in public


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