Zia Hotaki
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Information Technology
Senior Product Manager at BeyondTrust

Cybersecurity, Product Management

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Computer Science Tutor

Tutoring community college students in HTML, C++, and Java courses during senior year of high school.

Senior Product Manager

Product Manager

For the Privileged Password Management pillar.

In 2020, I successfully launched our Password Safe product to be consumed as-a-Service (SaaS) through our new “Password Safe Cloud” deployment offering within Azure.

For most of 2021, I was the Product Manager for DevOps Secrets Safe, where the customer base was increased by over 10x within 11 months.

My primary lens in products is to place ease of use at the forefront of cybersecurity.

Lead Engagement Manager

BeyondTrust’s first Engagement Manager.
Spearheaded defining processes and policies that impacted Sales, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services departments.

Mentored and trained other EMs in both BeyondTrust products, as well as policies for how the EM team operates.

Performed Scoping Calls daily, to gather requirements that would, in turn, be placed into Statements of Work or Description of Services.

Developed many iterations of Professional Services packages. In turn, this optimized our ProServe practice by minimizing the quantity of custom SOWs/DOSs written up.

Defined the rules of engagement, in terms of defining processes Sales and Sales Engineers must follow to get the services our customers require. Created simple flow charts to ease adoption of processes.

Created Architecture Diagrams that are used pervaisively across entire organization.

Engagement Manager

Lead Systems Engineer

Senior Systems Engineer

Symark acquired BeyondTrust in 2009 and adopted BeyondTrust as the new company name.

While still providing Technical Support, expanded responsibilities in both Pre-Sales (Sales Engineer), and Post-Sales (Professional Services Engineer) capacity.

Technical Support Engineer

During this timeframe, we were known as “Symark Software”.

Jr. Network Administrator

During this timeframe, we were known as “The William Morris Agency”.

Computer Resource Specialist

Troubleshooting and resolving computer related issues for faculty and staff, all over campus

Computer Science Tutor

Tutoring UC Berkeley undergraduate students for the Self-Paced Center on the Scheme, UNIX, C, C++, and Java courses.

Systems Administrator

Working for ISSC (now called Center for Research on Social Change)

Computer Technician

Troubleshooting and resolving computer related issues for faculty and staff, all over campus

Degree Programs

BA, Cognitive Science w/ Computer Science emphasis

Professional, System Administration

Professional, Network Communication

Professional, Linux/Unix

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