Yingzi Sakura Huang
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Finance Tech
Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Communications Specialist

Accounts – Support

Digital and Retail Support Specialist

Tier 2 Support. IRA & HSA’s, banking products and services specialist. Subject Matter Expert of Online Banking.

Business Product Analyst, Point of Contact

Tier 2-3 support Adtech Support. Subject Matter Expert of 10+ Delivery and Targeting Products

Marketing Associate

Marketing/Communications Intern

iTunes Content Moderator

I moderated Apple Media content and accounts in order to optimize machine learning and improve of user experience with iTunes and iTunes Apps.

Program Coordinator

Program Design, Management, Operations, and Data Analysis.

Sociology Research Assistant

Analyzed and compiled qualitative Excel reports from raw data, library archives, and online reference resources for 2 separate academic research projects regarding corporations and cases of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Assistant Manager

Breathed, scooped, talked, cleaned, decorated, and lived ice cream and all things Ben and Jerry’s.

Circulation Assistant at Cabot Library

Experienced Barista

Vice President

Organized over 30 public events for team bonding and the promotion ballroom dancing, e.g. 6 team dinners for up to 50 members, 6 official gatherings and parties for 50-100 attendees, and 6 social dances for 100-200 attendees.
Directed all social events, providing in-person and remote customer service, guidance, and/or direction.

Employee, Spring Clean-Up 2010 Trial Captain

Fall Clean-Up 2009: Sanitized over 70 student rooms with 9 co-workers in 7 days
Spring Clean-Up 2010: Trained and directed numerous crews of 5-15 students to sanitize over 80 student rooms in under 20 days.

Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies Summer Intern

Supported marketing, business, and trading offices on various projects in Spanish and English.
Translated 300 pages of company administrative and financial policy from English to Spanish.


Provided customer service and guidance to 50-100 visitors every hour about exhibits, locations, and information regarding the entirety of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Degree Programs

Sociology, Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Licenses and Certifications

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