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Building InnerHour | Ex-Scaler Academy, Uber, IITM | Reforge alumnus

Mini bio below; do reach out if you’d like to exchange ideas! My email is [email protected].

– Currently on the StratOps team of InnerHour, reporting to the VP of StratOps
– Was one of the earliest generalists in the growth team at Scaler (a suite of products by InterviewBit), one of Asia’s leading online tech-education firms valued at the time at $110MM (and now $710MM) by Sequoia and Tiger.
– Past roles include Marketing at Uber India and StratOps at the the Quality Council of India, GoI.

– Bachelors and Masters from IIT Madras (India). Majored in materials engineering and minored in development econ. Learned far more outside class than in it. Compulsory attendance should be illegal.

Personal interests:
– economics, socialism, animal welfare, and prog rock/metal.

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Evaluated for Senior Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
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Product (Growth)

Helping build India’s first omnichannel mental health product

Manager, Product Growth

Growth PM for Scaler Edge, InterviewBit’s first-mover for UG college students, reporting to the Business and Marketing Heads (ex-McKinsey and Box8, respectively). Designed and drove four PLG (revenue) projects to unlock PMF and to optimise GTM strategy. Some side projects I also worked on spanned: branding, campus student network creation, community efforts, etc.


Interned in the Marketing division of Uber Lucknow, the fastest growing city for Uber India at the time. Focuses were on rider acquisition and retention

Executive and Managing Editor

Was executive and managing editor for the official student-volunteer-run digital newspaper of IIT Madras; super small and scrappy team so I did a bit of everything. Also decided to be self-funded that year to minimise admin-interference in editorial decisions. Led a 50-member, 3-tier team, 5-vertical team comprising of 4 editors, 30 reporters, web operations personnel, photographers and designers. Spent most of my time arguing with student govt members and the college admin to create and publish high-quality coverage and analyses of institute events. Also helped publish IITM’s official print science magazine which was launched by the Director of IIT Madras.


Associate at the QCI, a startup-esque quasi-govt body. Reported to the Chairman (Adil Zainulbhai) and worked with senior GoI bureaucrats to drive national projects. Unsexy but very rewarding work. Met wonderful people whom I’d call close friends to this day. 100% my most personally satisfying 3 months of work

Member, Constitution Redrafting Committee

Member of the student committee that drafted IITM’s official student constitution that governs life for over 8000 students of the institute. Learned a lot from senior students in the committee, made friends, and helped in any way I could. Spurred my personal interest in politics. Super grateful for the opportunity to help.

Corporate Relations, Sponsorship & PR

Sponsorship and corporate partnerships for IITM’s annual technical festival

Creative, Sponsorship & PR

Creative content strategy for the fest. Also helped with corporate sponsorships.


Intern in the Open Works department. Planned and tested techniques to measure factors of liveability in Bangalore’s wards using GIS, RTIs and city-wide surveys.

Degree Programs

Bachelors, Masters, Materials Engineering

Mastering Product Management (Fall ’21), Growth Series (Spring ’22)

Semester abroad, Material Science and Engineering

Growth Marketing, CRO

Product and Growth

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