Ugochukwu Onuigbo
Skill Score
Professional (3/6)
Retail Telecommunications
Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
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Consultant, Business development and Research

Advanced organizational mission by providing quality consulting services in the areas of policy and practice research designed to support advocacy efforts for government policymakers and multilateral organizations.

  • Guided the development of bid proposals by reviewing available literature and coordinating with line manager and subject matter experts to ensure accuracy of contents, resulting in successful bids worth over $500,000.
  • Facilitated informed decision making by senior managers on establishing project objectives and appropriate technical approaches by reviewing academic and policy literature on current and planned development research projects.

Project Assistant

Led regional and national-level evaluations of appropriate respondents to Nigeria’s first maternity survey designed to identify critical knowledge gaps in both government and private sectors.

  • Streamlined data analysis for the evaluation in collaboration with the data management team and senior survey managers.

Operations Specialist

Managed all aspects of events, including promotion, advertising, and sponsor solicitation.

  • Oversaw all financial decisions, including raising capital and setting basic event budget incorporating supplier fees and vendor booking fees.
  • Expanded event sponsorship and vendor booking by 300% in three months, raising brand and event profile through multi-channel marketing campaigns, including social media and event flyers.

Budget Officer (NYSC Staff)

Facilitated the revision of FCT’s 2016 budget by gathering data on budget expenditure performance of seven internal departments, evaluating budgetary statements and related documentation.

Data Collation Assistant: CUReS Research (Research Support Staff)

  • Demonstrated strong attention to detail and organizational capabilities in collecting and processing survey data from module evaluations, course evaluations, and student surveys used to support both institutional and applied research.
  • Provided in-person assistance to students in completing survey questionnaires, displayed strong interpersonal abilities in gathering feedback and other information through telephone conversations.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts – BA, Economics

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