Robin Gupta
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

VP – Product

Vice President – Business Delivery

Senior Manager – Partnerships and Operation

Cofounder and COO

Pramati healthcare is Delhi’s leading funded homecare service provider in Assistive Care, nurses, trained attendants, physiotherapists, doctors.

Responsible for setting up and streamlining operations which involves service delivery, fulfillment, and customer retention thereby maintaining 15% growth rate.
Setting up back end operations team from 20 to 120+ (full time+contract).
Executed operation pilots to test out ideas for streamlining operations.
Created an induction/training program for care givers to be inducted into the system.
Created a Quality Check program in order to ensure the quality service delivery for the clients

Shouldering overall company function with other cofounders members in smooth functioning in other areas like technology, marketing and customer retention.

Business Manager

A sister concern company of India’s leading Gaming company “Innopark”.
Was responsible of setting up the entire business operations for
Setting up the fulfillment team of 20 at at satellite offices in India.

Responsible for more than 80% of marketing initiatives with a growth rate of 5% month on month.

Spearheaded the creation of an internal group dedicated to SEO, content and usability, lead generation. We increased traffic by 30%.

Responsible for procurement and distribution of prasad and other spritual products
Introduced more than 8 services.

Procurement of packaging and raw material in the most possible cost effective way possible.
Setting up customer service team and building processes around it.


India’s first ever cofounder search platform where anyone can search for their cofounder and core team on the basis of passion, interest, industry, skill and other parameters.

Head – Marketing and Sales (Retail and eCommerce)

Planning Sales,Tie ups and Marketing plans

Looking after Marketing and Operations deeply and working closely with team to come up with effective workable strategies.
Increased MBO tie ups from 40 stores to 110.
Creating timely retail terms and conditions for mutual growth of company and retailers.
Tie up with more than 5 online retailers.
Achieved business growth of more than 50% in online sales in a period of 6 months.
Building internal organization systems in order to have free flowing operations.
Setting up warehouse and introduced barcoding system to have exact track record of stock in and stock out.
Identified internet marketing outsourced partner and implemented growth strategies around inhouse online order management.
Keeping a track on online processing team and logistic partners in order to ensure smooth movements of products till it reaches the end customer.

Constant reviewing the depth of the stocks in warehouse and with Online partners.
Analyzing the stocks and maintaining the stock levels by refilling and stock transfers.

Founder and Promoter @

What all it takes to start a business.
Building a team
Scouting for product partners and creating new tie ups.
Taking care of the logistics.
Procurement of the goods with best rates in every possible area in order to keep the cost as low as possible.
Building online portal with outsourced team.
Scouting for investors in order to raise funds.
This was the time when i build good relations and connections with people in the industry.
The main learning phase of my time till now.
Overall business development and management.

Degree Programs

Strategic Management Program

Bachelor’s degree In Design, Knitwear Design

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