Salawat Lawal
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
No Industries Found
Evaluated for Associate Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Relationship building Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Performance tracking
Skill Progression

Product Manager

As a product manager, I worked closely with cross-functional teams Defining and prioritizing product features based on customers’ needs and management specifications. Collaborating with engineering and design teams to ensure the product is built to specification and meets quality standards. Ensuring that the product meets customer needs, is delivered on time and within budget, and generates revenue and profit for the company. Creating and maintaining product roadmaps and timelines. I have opportunities to work on case studies

Associate Product Manager

Conducted a thorough SWOT analysis to identify and prioritize key strengths and weaknesses of the software and its potential impact on the agricultural sector, resulting in a 50% increase in software efficiency and effectiveness. Developed user stories that clearly outlined user needs and expectations, leading to a 25% increase in user satisfaction and retention. Conducted comprehensive research to identify user needs and pain points, resulting in a customer problem statement that helped guide the development of software that improved service provider-farmer interactions by 60%.

Product Manager

Conducted user research to identify key pain points in the current education system and successfully translated findings into a user-centered MVP roadmap plan, resulting in a 20% increase in user engagement and adoption of the product. Utilized agile methodologies by conducting daily stand-ups to report progress, track tasks, and identify roadblocks, resulting in a 10% increase in overall project efficiency and timely delivery of milestones.

AWS Cloud Practioner

Mathematics / Further maths Teacher

Mathematic/physics Teacher

Allowing each student to express his/herself continuous monitoring of students progress in learning implement initiative and teaching methodologies Ensure compliance with classroom discipline

Mathematics Physics Teacher

Implement initiative and teaching methodologies. Developing relationship with students and parents for students progress Adequate monitoring of students progress in class activities Ensure adequate practical skills and methodology Allowing each student to express his/herself


Applying marking scheme consistently to question. Marking accurately according to the making scheme Transferring marks correctly onto the first Page of the script Bring discrepancy to the attention of overall examiner maintaining confidentiality of all information regarding the results


Assist the principal engineer in major electric installations within and outside the premises. collaborate with Electrical engineers and other passonel to identify,define, and solve developmental problem including repair of major street light.

Degree Programs

Women Techsters Fellowship Class, Product Management

Higher National Diploma, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.