Padmesh Puthiyadom Pushpadhandakumar
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Rookie (2/6)
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Evaluated for Senior Product Manager and Platform PM role archetype
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API integration Data retrieval Relationship building Product requirements User journey and personas Metrics definition User research Listening Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Negotiation Stakeholder alignment Agile methodologies Performance tracking Market analysis Product roadmap Build vs buy vs partner Feature prioritization
Skill Progression

Product Manager Intern

Highlights: Acclaim Ideas, Innovation Ops, Manage Ideation process, Accelerate innovation process, B2B SaaS
• Created 1-year roadmap for Acclaim Ideas with 8 initiatives for product growth, targeting $70M revenue and 5 new customers.
• Collaborated with the UX team to integrate customer feedback into product development, implemented 3 LLM based features and a streamlined customer journey that led to “AHA moment” within 5 clicks.
• Optimized the information architecture for two products and integrated a new design system, improving usability and feature discoverability. This resulted in a 25% increase in user engagement.

Founding Product Manager

Highlights: Video Analytics, Computer Vision, AI/ML, License Plate Reading, Text Extraction, and Image/Object Detection
• Led the efforts in external and internal research, developed roadmap for a multi-million-dollar license plate reading service based on LiDAR cameras;
Created a roadmap to deliver a 20% growth rate for 5-year timeline and acquire a 200-toll plazas to reach revenue target for $200 million dollars.
• Identified key features for image processing to identify vehicle type and size; built a process logic to predict the vehicle type with 98% accuracy, initiated cross-platform integration including external service provider; improved the algorithm efficiency by 30% to detect the vehicle type and class.
• Built and launched first ever EZPass product in India, utilizing image processing engine and high-resolution cameras by closely working with Sales and marketing team. Devices installed at Tolls clocked 2 million transactions in the initial month and poised to grow at 20% month on month.

Product Head

Highlights: Mobile Wallet, E-Commerce Card Payments, Mobile Banking, and Internet banking, SDKs
• Led a team of 2 associate product managers,7 software and quality engineers to accomplish seamless data integration to facilitate the merger of banking and wallet systems, resulting in 10% faster data integration.
• Created a middle layer infrastructure to host all APIs to ensure rapid integrations with external systems such as net banking portals, CRM, and mobile banking apps, achieving a reduction of 2% in the API dropout rate
• Identified new product features via customer interviews, competitor feature analysis, and upcoming market trends; helped target new customer segments leading to expansion in the addressable market by ~38%
• Coordinated with 3 designers on Figma to design the user interface of 6 Mobile Applications and 2 web applications to enhance the user experience of the Digital Banking Suite.

Senior Product Manager

Highlights: REST API, Customer Success, Forex Prepaid Card, Digital Channels- Android, iOS, and Web
• Conducted user studies, developed prototypes, and launched an Android Application, “InstaFX” that minimized the number of KYC (standards to verify the identity, and suitability of customers) frauds by 95% and decreased the customer acquisition turnaround time from 48 hr to 3 hr
• Innovated a new collaboration channel with Goibibo, India’s leading travel brand, and acquired customers by launching the industry’s first Co-branded Forex prepaid card, adding in 200,000 new customers in the first year
• Worked with Technology, Legal, Marketing, Operations, IT, and Finance to increase digital channel contribution by 20% ($40M) of overall Forex Prepaid Card revenue. Launched 2 products exclusively for digital channels & revamped checkout page, leading to an increase in NPS score from 22 to 40.

Product Manager

Highlights: Card Payments, Mobile Payments, Internet Banking for Private Bank worth $81.9B
• Conducted A/B testing to gain insights on multiple customer journeys and added Forex Prepaid Card section based on knowledge gained from tests, resulting in increase of 5% (1.2M) Daily Active Users.
• Collaborated with the cross functional teams to create a new-to-bank customer journey to cross sell and upsell savings product, education loan and forex
prepaid cards creating a revenue pipeline of $32M.

Product Manager

Highlights: UPI, Payments, Card Processing, Tokenization, SOAP APIs
• Spearheaded 18 payment facilitators to onboard member banks onto the NPCI platform; onboarded 80 community banks and 36 National banks, generating USD 1.07 million in revenue. Monitored the customer success via transaction monitoring on success and declines.
• Tailored the product strategy by conducting partner performance analytics, business reviews, and identifying and fixing product design flaws, which resulted in adding 30 new member banks.

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