Sweta Samaddar
Skill Score
Professional (3/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Platform PM role archetype
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Top Skills
Agile methodologies API integration Data retrieval Database structure Market analysis Metrics definition Negotiation Performance tracking Product roadmap Relationship building System design User journey and personas Product requirements User feedback review User research Wireframes and mocks Listening Stakeholder alignment Writing and presentation Build vs buy vs partner Feature prioritization Product vision
Skill Progression

Product Management Practitioner & Scrum Leader

• Spearheaded product goals discussion with product managers and Interacted with customers through the ideas portal and registered their voices.
• Built product requirement documents for integrations Create well-defined user stories and Prioritise the product backlog and the sprint backlog.
• Launched MVP based on the PRD Documents. Validate user acceptance test reports to sign off production release
• Inculcate AGILE methodologies and scrum framework in day-to-day development.
• Coordinate cross-functional teams to drive the launch and extension of 25 integrations for data sources in Data Analytics platforms
• Leading multiple(up to 5) scrum teams. Drive and define roadmap based on product backlog and customer features
• Advocated conflict resolution and consensus building by employing the foundation of Transformational and Collaborative leadership Market Research & Data Analysis
• Applying Data-driven decision-making through analytics and finalise the top 5 KPIs.
• Collecting data-backed feedback from vendors to bring continuous improvements & launching 5 security integrations
Jul ’20 Jun ’21

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer

• Designed 5 command-line Python products to enhance and optimise current development processes.
• Devoted to Product Development by building scalable designs for integrations. Contributed to 10+ integrations in this role
• Mentored junior members of the team to inculcate AGILE and project processes to deliver project expectations
Jun ’21 Dec ’19
Software Engineer –

• Contributed to Product Lifecycle Management by migrating add-ons from Python 2 to Python 3.
• Implemented Data analysis tools (Python) for 3 automation utilities to optimise manual efforts in development

Technical Program Manager

Degree Programs

Product Management Certification Program

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

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