Shubham Patel
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Rookie (2/6)
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Strategy | Product | Building India's Largest Agricultural Ecosystem | IIM Ahmedabad

Operations & Supply Chain Management, Marketing & Brand Management, Market Research and a bit of Business Analytics.

Evaluated for Senior Product Manager and Growth PM role archetype
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Product Lead

• Demonstrated customer first values, leading to 3X growth in farmer engagement & 400X growth in platform txns
• Led delivery of FPO app enabling rapid scale (2000+ FPOs in 3 years); simplified processes (70% effort reduction)
• Managed output products contributing 80% to GMV; Built crucial data integrations for effort reduction (98%)
• Ideated & Delivered B2B platform with auction & content management to aid growth of ITC agri commodity sales
• Applied first principles thinking to identify key opportunities; Interviewed 40+ users across 5 personas and 3 States
• Created a virtuous growth loop focused on discovery and retention; Robust CMS with WA, SMS, Mail integrations
• Led development for field staff product, enhanced operational efficiency (60%) for 1000+ users across ITC verticals
• Streamlined onboarding & tracking process; time savings (80%), enhanced security; eliminated data irregularities
• Remodelled the app into a profitable SaaS offering, generating 60 Lakhs ARR by outsourcing to two B2B clients
• Devised and delivered Krishi Mitra, World’s first agri co-pilot; high engagement feature (100k+ impressions)
• Recognized by Satya Nadella; Utilized RAG, Vector Knowledge graph with Orchestration model; Voice & Vernacular
• Led 12-member team to identify & execute AI-driven solution in ABD; part of ITC YDIL under Chairman Sanjiv Puri


GrowthX is a product and growth Bootcamp created by leaders from companies like Dunzo, Sokrati, Razorpay, CRED, and the likes.

GrowthX alumni are from the top companies in India like Google, Razorpay, CRED, Flipkart, Canva, Meesho, OYO, Bloomberg, Zoho, Cisco, Unacademy, Khatabook, Edelweiss, MobiKwik, Kotak Mahindra, Smallcase, Toppr, and many more.

Assistant Vice President – Strategy

Product Manager

Product Manager

• Carried out in-depth user research with over 1000+ participants to evaluate the feasibility of B2C grocery delivery
• Developed an input marketplace, profitable with 400% MoM growth within first five months of product release
• Revamped the output business model to be more operationally light, contributing to a 2.8X increase in GMV
• Achieved 2X growth in farmer and retailer acquisition by launching an agent model; Reduced CAC by 35%
• Defined KPIs, variable comp structures; Managed 4 marketing campaigns, established partnership with 9 OEMs

Event Coordinator


– CII Grey Power (Nov 2020 – Jan 2021)
Developed MVP of app-based ecosystem for old-age people to fulfil daily needs at affordable cost; Designed wireframes for the expected product
Conducted need analysis through in-depth interviews and identified 10 pain points
Formulated a GTM strategy and Designed a Pilot; Conducted risk analysis
Developed a data-driven subscription model with 3 tiers as revenue source for the business
Formulated financial plan for INR 2 Crore project over 6 years with cost analysis

– Glocy Exports (Aug 2020 – Oct 2020)
Conducted market research in Furniture market; Analysed growth drivers and looked into alternative profitable businesses, highlighted client’s expertise
Prepared a curated investor pitch deck to attract FDI from China for furniture manufacturing in Gujarat

Business Development Intern

Extensive market research and study of multiple business models
Designed GTM strategy for online grocery delivery service
Constructed a research survey to gauge market trends and consumer insights
Designed a pilot & holistic product launch plan with further scaling

Management Intern

Assessed the entire value chain of Cashew in India
Extensive primary market research with 750+ stakeholders in the value chain
Market perception, impact of external factors on sales, sales channels, payment mechanism

Cell Coordinator – CHAOS, Cultural Festival of IIMA


Created the roadmap for pitching the business to potential franchise owners and defining a cost structure affordable for the franchise owners
Devised the growth strategy for expansion to 250 outlets in next 5 years; Designed the franchise model to generate alternate revenue source
Built roadmap to achieve 10X transactions and 25% MoM growth; Curated financial model with breakeven on Rs 2 crores in 1.2 years
Reached out to 200+ investors and built fruitful relationships.

Technical Intern

Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration – MBA, Food and Agribusiness Management

Bootcamp, Product & Growth

Bachelor of Technology – BTech, Agricultural Engineering

MBA in General Management

Bachelor of Technology

Licenses and Certifications

Brand and Product Mangement

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The Complete Product Management Course

Certified Marketing Analytics Practitioner (CMAP)

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Data Science

Supply Chain Management: A Learning Perspective