Shubham Gosain
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Evaluated for Senior Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
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Global Innovation fellow – Strategy Consultant

• Led a team of 4 PhD candidates in conducting comprehensive research to identify key factors driving selection of child-level assessments during early learning stage. Presented the recommendations, resulting in a strategic allocation of a $15M budget.

Summer Associate (Gen

• Led sell-side due diligence for a $120M Generative AI AdTech client; oversaw the creation of operational models to analyze product portfolio to forecast financial statements; collaborated with buyers’ C-suite to get 15% higher offer.
• Managed strategic expansion strategy for Meridian by partnering with team of 3 marketing managers to identify target companies and competitive landscape; defined an outreach plan and secured engagement letters from 3 companies collectively valued at $180M.

Assistant Manager, Product Strategy & Development

• Spearheaded the development of agile adoption strategy for a $30B enterprise software provider. Worked together with industry experts to roll-out the agile transformation roadmap, reducing time-to-market by 60% and $16M in annual savings for the client.
• Designed and implemented a customer analytics dashboard for monitoring client’s key customer engagement KPIs; partnered with stakeholder to scale the dashboard across client’s analytics team, increasing top-of-the-funnel marketing ROI by 20%.
• Crafted product roadmaps for a SaaS inventory forecasting product tailored to a $1.2B client. Collaborated closely with ML
engineers to fine-tune data models, yielding a 15% boost in inventory forecasting accuracy.

Technical Lead, Digital Insurance Products

• Initiated and implemented a 25-hour training curriculum to upskill new employees on $8B client’s digital products; Mentored over 40 developers, incorporating user-centric principles to elevate retention rates to 95%, leading to annual savings of $170K.
• Performed market research and customer interviews to recommend new digital features to a $25B healthcare client; led 3 cross functional teams as a project manager to deliver on-time implementation, improving CSAT by 83% and CLTV by 18%.
• Analyzed 50+ insurance premium reports 100K client data to identify overcharged customers for $16B insurance client; used data-driven insights and user experience to identify root cause; partnered with client’s senior management team to refund $10M.

Senior Software Engineer

• Led a team of developers to launch a subscription-based insurance product for $6B Spanish retail bank; distilled and prioritized technical requirements, created and streamlined user stories and designed quality-control codes, maximizing revenue by $35M.
• Managed a team of software engineers to launch financial management software for UK’s largest commercial bank; led product delivery and growth to improve user experience, boosting client’s market share by 7% and adding $3.5M in annual revenue.

Software Engineer

• Developed a robotic process automation software to streamline the document delivery process for $11B British telecom client.
reducing document delivery time by 75%, saving $150K/year in operational costs and improved user experience.

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Master of Business

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

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