Shalini Pathak
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Information Technology
In-App chat solutions | Tech Startups | Product Lifecycles

Having worked for Big Technology Companies as well as Startups, I have got the opportunity to explore various dimensions of content marketing and learnt to tell stories that connect target audience with businesses.

I have managed Blogs, Social Media Accounts, Websites for various businesses and helped them achieve distinct goals like traffic, leads, brand awareness and engagement.

With deep experience in SaaS, B2B, Travel, Ecommerce, HR tech, and more, my focus is to help businesses position their brand online. You can connect with me to understand the customer focus, their behavior and position your brand in the digital world. Industries I have worked for:

1) Travel

2) B2B (Software development & Digital Marketing)

3) Finance

4) Lifestyle (Food, trends, Clothes)

5) Fashion

6) Personal Development, Coaching

7) Sustainable Energy

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Top Skills
Writing and presentation
Skill Progression

Marketing Manager

Skills: B2B Marketing · Digital Marketing

Content Marketer

Content Strategist

**Content Creation I Strategy I Distribution**

After working in the B2B space for more than five years, I got to work with few innovative startups in B2C markets as well, which gave me access to different audience segments and expanded my horizon as a content marketer.

Having expanded into the realm of digital marketing, and after working independently for the past 2 years, I have learnt to wear more hats than a content strategist and creator- it’s been hugely enriching.

Content Team Lead

-Responsible for the overall content strategy.
-Identify the marketing goals and strategize content plans, oversee the progress, and ensure implementation.

Strength, Skills and Broad responsibilities :
-Planning and developing content as per the B2b Lifecycles and Inbound Marketing goals
-Content Planning & Writing as per the distinct goals, formats and channels.
-Keeping abreast of SEO, SMM, Omnichannel and the latest digital marketing trends.
-Content marketing for Leads Generation
-Content Optimization as per the results achieved

Senior Editor

Content Writer

Content Writer

Content Writer

Trainee (Client Servicing)

Degree Programs

Master of Arts (M.A.), Mass Communication/Media Studies

Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English Literature, Psychology, Functional English

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.