Reid Kimball
Skill Score
Seasoned Professional (4/6)
Consumer Tech Online Retail
Empowering others to share their stories.

Specializing in product management, I leverage a 15-year background in game development, education,
and video editing to drive technological innovation in storytelling. My grit and resourcefulness ensures
products get released. Key accomplishments include developing a widely-used closed captioning mod for
Doom 3 and successfully leading a $10,000+ Kickstarter campaign for a documentary in 2016. As the
founder of the pioneering JUMP|CUT Conference I have a proven track record in serving community
needs, and delivering impactful projects.

Evaluated for Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Agile methodologies Listening Metrics definition Negotiation Product vision Relationship building User feedback review User journey and personas Wireframes and mocks Writing and presentation Build vs buy vs partner Data retrieval Feature prioritization Market analysis Performance tracking Product requirements Product roadmap Stakeholder alignment User research API integration Database structure System design Digital marketing
Skill Progression

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Product Manager/Founder

• Used data analysis from customer surveys, to plan and execute a professional conference attended by 71 people, with 7 speakers and 5 sponsors, achieving 100% positive feedback.
• Promoted through email, social media, and public speaking to drive registrations and exceed attendance goals by 42%.
• Used planning, budgeting, resource allocation, scheduling, risk management, organizational skills to coordinate the efforts of 12 volunteers, 2 staff, and vendors leading to a 100% successful on time launch of the conference.
• Successfully used strategic thinking, problem solving, and execution skills to pivot a large conference plan to a one-day event to launch in 2 months when industry strikes affected many of our target attendees.
• Communicated value of sponsoring the conference to high level executives resulting in 2 sponsorships.

Lead Assistant Editor

• Led night assistant editor, providing training on tasks and video asset management processes.
[email protected]
North Hollywood, CA 91601

• Tracked all video and audio media deliverables in spreadsheets, communicating status to producers/editors.
• Built workflows to organize video and audio assets for smooth post-production.
• Uprezzed HD to 4K footage between Avid and Resolve.

Freelance Night Assistant Editor

• Organized raw video and prepared it for editors
• Created customized B-roll sequences to streamline editing.
• Transcoded video footage from inter-frame to intra-frame codecs for smoother editing.
• Exported cuts for executive reviews, and interviews for transcription.
• ScriptSynced transcribed interviews to optimize editor productivity.
• Solved tape-based capture issues, preventing 8+ lost hours per week.

Highschool Film Teacher

• Created learning goals, lesson plans, assignments, and student projects to teach film skills to 90+ high school students per semester.
• Enabled students to gain hands-on experience with cameras, collaboration, scripting, audio, and video editing.
• Boosted student learning through detailed technical instructions and frequent communication.
• Set clear timelines and schedules to maximize productivity within limited classroom time.

Freelance Video Producer/Editor

• Wrote A/V scripts tailored to client products and services.
• Filmed shots required by script and client needs to showcase their products and services.
• Edited client videos to compellingly demonstrate product value and brand stories.

Documentary Director/Producer/Editor

• Leveraged Kickstarter to raise $10K+ production budget through a creative campaign.
• Conducted interviews with patients, filmed, and edited afterward.
• Built an engaged Facebook community and wrote newsletters to share documentary progress.
• Screened completed documentary at the 2016 Eugene International Film Festival.

Senior Game Designer

• Partnered cross-functionally with artists, designers, producers, and engineers to build engaging gameplay.
• Led engineers and artists in prototyping innovative weapon systems.
• Produced technical specifications for engineers to implement creative new weapon systems.
[email protected]
North Hollywood, CA 91601

• Designed and prototyped new multiplayer gameplay modes.

Game Designer

• Collaborated with producers, 2D/3D artists, programmers, and designers to prototype gameplay experiences leveraging cutting-edge technologies for physics and AI simulations.
• Wrote technical manuals for designers on how to use our proprietary level design tool Zed.
• Successfully led Scrum meetings that resulted in our team of designers and engineers to finish our tasks consistently.
• Used LUA scripting to implement gameplay experiences.

Product Manager

• Gathered requirements by interviewing hard of hearing gamers to understand challenges playing Doom 3 without captions.
• Defined product requirements and wrote user stories to specify closed captioning functionality.
• Developed project plan and managed cross-functional engineering/design team to deliver captions on budget and schedule.
• Recruited and managed a team of engineers, artists, and translators.
• Created UI mockups to communicate my vision for the closed captioning system and Visual Sound Radar.
• Partnered with id Software to obtain text files of all spoken dialog.
• Wrote text descriptions of sound effects in our captioning files.

Level Designer

• Improved gameplay experiences through user playtests by observing and collecting feedback.
• Scripted gameplay logic using propriety game engine scripting languages.
• Blockmeshed rough layouts of 3D level designs for multiplayer and single player games.

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Bachelor of Science

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