Rajesh Nerlikar
Skill Score
Professional (3/6)
Professional and Business Services
Product advisor / coach / recruiter - helping SaaS companies become product-driven and build what matters

An experienced product advisor, coach and consultant applying best practices from 15+ years of hands-on startup and enterprise product management to help companies accelerate the creation of customer and shareholder value.

We help startup founders / CEOs, product executives (CPO, VP Product, and CTO) and product team leads (Director, Group PM) make tough product decisions:

* Vision / Strategy – who to target, why and how to go to market to realize a long-term vision
* Product team – when to hire, who to hire, how to organize the team, and how to help the team get better at their jobs
* Operations – how ideas turn into product (process, feedback loops, KPIs, tools, etc)

We do this mostly through weekly / bi-weekly checkins and through The Prodify Guild, a private community where clients can learn from each other and The Prodify Library, which has worksheets, guides and real-world examples of product deliverables to help teams accelerate their decision-making.

Evaluated for VP of Product and Consumer PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Listening Negotiation Writing and presentation Stakeholder alignment Relationship building
Skill Progression

Product Recruiter

focused on VP Product role

Product Recruiter

placed a new Head of Product

Product Coach

Product Recruiter

sourced and placed a Sr PM

Product Recruiter

Helped screen and place 2 Sr PMs – one patient-facing, one pharmacist-facing

Product Recruiter

sourced and placed a Group Product manager


Craft the vision and strategy to realize it for a boutique management consulting firm focused on helping companies make tough product decisions related to vision and strategy, go-to-market, prioritization, hiring and product development / operations.

Principal Product Advisor / Coach

Advising and coaching startup founders, product executives, product team leads and individual PMs on product management best practices, based on our Vision-Led PM framework

Product Trainer

Led private training for 15 team members on product vision, strategy, customer discovery and roadmapping

Product Advisor / Coach

Product Advisor

Product Recruiter

Recruited and screened Head of Product and Senior Product Manager candidates with consumer mobile experience

Product Advisor / Coach

Product Advisor / Coach

* Coached 4 consumer-facing product managers on topics such as product vision and strategy, product launches, growth product management, and managing a team.
* Led 20-person team training on how to apply Vision-Led Product Management across 4 product areas
* Supported product operations transition to becoming more data and outcome driven

Product Advisor / Coach


Rebranded co-founder Ben Foster’s original product advisory firm, Foster Innovation, to Prodify and clarified how we help startup founders / CEOs, product executives, product team leads and individual PMs make tough product decisions to advance their business and careers.

Product Advisor / Coach

Product Coach

Chief Product Advisor / Coach

* Led team of Prodify product advisors / coaches through regular check ins and “summits” to share best practices on coaching and advising
* Advised companies on best practices to find product-market fit, then create explosive growth and sustain a competitive lead
* Coached product managers on the skills they needed to reach their career goals
* Helped companies hire the right product manager based on the situation

Interim VP of Product and Design

Started as a product advisor / coach and stepped into interim executive role to help lead a team of 3 PMs and 2 Designers while also helping the company transition to becoming more product-driven

Degree Programs

MBA, Entrepreneurship / Marketing

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.