Omotolani Taiwo
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Finance Tech
Evaluated for Senior Product Manager and Consumer PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Product Manager

– Develop and implement strategies to build awareness and adoption of retail USSD and WhatsApp Banking solutions.
– Using data to analyze & predict customers’ mobile banking service needs as a way of enhancing customer experience.
– Managing user experience, and customer expectation across all digital platforms.
– Adhere to and ensure compliance of all business transactions to the set standards of the bank and regulatory authorities.
– Regularly conduct market research activities to assess customer attitudes to the current product range and new products/solutions.
– Support the development of training plans for the sales teams on new offerings.
– Ensure optimal reliability and availability of the banking channels.

Data Analyst

• Analyse business Data and Highlight gaps for improvement and help the business make decisions for a better customer experience, user adoption and adopt new trends.
• Work with the teams in the Digital Banking group to highlight business improvement processes
• Provide support, including procedural documentation and relevant reports for the various teams in the group.
• Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to ensure timely deliverables on projects within the Digital Banking business group.
• Provide weekly status updates on Digital products within the Digital Banking Group.

Sterling Foundation School Programme

Technical Support Specialist

• Provide support, including procedural documentation and relevant reports.
• Monitor and maintain computer systems.
• Rapidly establish a good working relationship with customers and other professionals, such as software
developers and Network engineers.
• Follow up with clients to ensure their IT systems are fully functional after troubleshooting.
• Prepare accurate and timely reports.
• Work with each department to understand their daily activities and support where necessary.
• Work with the business operation manager and stand in his position when absent.
• Document technical knowledge in the form of notes.

Process Engineer

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science – BS, Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Licenses and Certifications

Agile Product Owner Role: Foundations

Learning Data Analytics Part 2: Extending and Applying Core Knowledge

Products Analytics Certification