Patricia Afuberoh
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Rookie (2/6)
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Evaluated for Product Manager and Consumer PM role archetype
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Agile methodologies Data retrieval Distribution planning Growth experiments Market analysis Market positioning Metrics definition Negotiation Stakeholder alignment Wireframes and mocks Writing and presentation
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Associate Product Manager

Report directly to the Product Manager and CEO. Hired to be responsible for the development and success of gifting products and services. Played a crucial role in managing a diverse range of offerings and ensuring that customers received unforgettable surprises, providing holistic business development, and revenue growth services.
• Collaborated with cross-functional teams to conceptualize, design, and develop new surprise gifting products, resulting in a 15% increase in the product portfolio in 2019, aligning with market trends and customer preferences.
• Implemented the use of WhatsApp API to facilitate real-time customer interactions and order updates to ease customers engagements in 2020.
• Conducted comprehensive market research, leading to the identification of emerging trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape within the surprise gifting industry. This research informed product development decisions and contributed to a 10% increase in product relevance and in customer satisfaction and a 10% increase in sales in 2021.
• Ensured the quality and presentation of surprise gifting products met the highest standards, exceeding customer expectations, and fostering repeat business. Leading to a 10% increase in customer retention that contributed to an 8% increase in customer satisfaction at the end of 2022.

Agricultural Product Coordinator

Reported to the Director of the Fisheries Department. Hired to improve sales performance of the agricultural products in territory.
• Involved in successful meetings to promote products for sales.
• Acted as a liaison between the industry’s key stakeholders and the administrative team to ensure thorough knowledge and awareness of the most recent and new products on the market.
• Successfully participated and achieved meeting targets with appropriate documentation in the product launch of agricultural products, achieving exceptional results.

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