Adewale Oyeboade
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Finance Tech
Lead, Product Manager and Analytics || Product Manager || Growth Manager || Digital Banking || Fintech || Data Analytics

An experienced user-Focused and Data-driven Product Manager || Product Analyst || Business Analyst || Analytics || Scorecard || Credit Assessment || Process Automation || Product Marketing Manager || Digital Transformation || Design Thinking || Digital banking || Lending || Fintech

Also, a consumer finance expert, experienced in solving problems using technology. Skilled in different product management methodologies.

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Market analysis Performance tracking Metrics definition
Skill Progression

Lead, Product Manager & Analytics

Growth Manager, Elite banking

* Product review and revamp
* Product lifecycle
* Segment growth analysis
* Product adoption
* Lifestyle banking
* Presentation and trainings
* Product & Segment analysis
* Digitalization of processes
* Virtual Relationship management

Product Manager

* Improve customer experience and drive growth
* Launched new products to market demands
* Scorecard Analysis
* Credit Assessment model
* Generate new ideas that grow market share
* Understanding customer’s needs and desires
* Action plans to improve product performance and user experience
* Translated product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes
* Established timelines with the engineering and tech team
* Assed market and industry competition analysis
* Conduct user and product research to identify baselines and gaps in the market
* Worked closely with the marketing team to understand the various customer’s needs
* Problem-solving
* Support users
* User flows
* Product requirements / specs
* Wireframes
* Training and development of users/sales team

Product Manager

* Product strategy
* Product road-map and timelines
* Product improvement and implementation
* Requirement gathering
* User stories
* Product analysis
* Interpretation of customer requests
* Personal / Consumer banking lending
* Increase loan volume and quality
* Proper monitoring and collection
* Product development and Growth
* Business advisory – SME
* SME Product development and management.
* Strategic partnership.
* Product performance.
* Initiatives to drive SME customer acquisition.
* Customer on-boarding and retention
* Initiatives to drive deposit
* Asset portfolio management

Product Analyst

* Product Metrics
* Consumer Finance
* Unsecured Lending
* Intervention funds (CBN. DBN, AGSMEIS, BOI etc)
* Product development
* Product growth
* Monitoring and Collection
* Portfolio growth
* SME Product development
* SME Product trend and analysis
* Performance trend per product and segment.
* Profitability analysis
* Financial analysis

Quality Assurance Analyst

Responsible for monitoring and maintaining quality and compliance targets.
Monitoring and auditing of products to ensure high standards of quality.
Ensuring products comply with legislation and quality assurance codes.
Ensuring that all QA Tests are carried out on time and in full.

Degree Programs

Master of Business Administration – MBA

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Industrial chemistry

Licenses and Certifications

Foundations of Project Management

Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner

How to Build Digital Products

Product Management: Building a Product Strategy

Technology for Product Managers

Transitioning to Product Management