Omar ElNaggar
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Rookie (2/6)
Information Technology
Co-Founder & CEO at Weavechain

Technologist focused on driving software products to improve the nature of work. Experience at a hedge fund established an obsession with the ROI of technology and effort. Shift to Enterprise software startup Sapho setup added in the ability to automate and streamline work. Driving acquisition by Citrix led to taking a product to global scale. And founding Weavechain setup a deep dive into how Web3 can make data more secure and more valuable, combining collaboration, monetization, and blockchain immutability and provenance.

Evaluated for Chief Product Officer and Enterprise PM role archetype
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Co-Founder & CEO

Bringing enterprise data to Web3. We solve for enterprise data governance and extreme performance requirements, letting any data set benefit from the additional security and value that Web3 provides.

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

• Built a protocol for synchronizing databases and their proofs with blockchains to gain their security properties
• Provided APIs for complex cryptographic and confidential computing techniques (ex. FHE, MPC, ZK Proofs)
• Sold solutions for Verifiable AI Training, Verifiable Financial Data, Research Economies, Dynamic NFTs, and more

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Part-Time

• Created an AI Coach interface using a selection of prompts for personality, and rich context based on live user data

Director of Product Management

Defining the future of work and how to achieve it using microapps. Scaling Sapho’s omni-channel solution for a billion users, and fostering a community of partners and developers to leverage Citrix technology to empower employees.

Director of Product Management

• Structured launch, including SAP partnership, sales/marketing/delivery/support enablement, beta, and internal dogfood
• Co-authored technical security whitepaper while re-architecting monolithic microapp application into a global SaaS app

Principal Product Manager

VP of Product Management

Reinventing the way employees interact with software by integrating backend systems into an event driven, multi-device micro app portal. Empowering the largest enterprise companies in the world to create micro apps with a no code platform that allows users to focus on how to drive ROI with modern workflows.

VP of Product Management

• Shaped end user experience to both delight and drive productivity returns across a responsive multi-device environment
• Crafted platform tooling to maintain no-code simplicity while enabling power user functionality for building micro apps
• Drove integrations to backend systems (ex. SNOW, Workday), and endpoints (ex. Slack, MS Teams, Alexa for Business)
• Patent: Consolidated Identity (Understanding a user and privileges across multiple systems of record and IdPs)
• Co-led technical diligence with CTO on $220M acquisition by Citrix

Global Head of R&D

• Managed over 40 personnel spanning full spectrum of technology; structured tech teams as an investment for the firm
• Developed and executed original, successful trading strategies through signal engine for new $4mm/year revenue stream

Global Head of R&D

Managed a global group of teams spanning the entire spectrum of technology work at Evo, including trading, quantitative research, risk, infrastructure, and user interfaces.

Financial Systems Engineer

Developed a distributed signal generation platform for rapid strategy development and analysis, helping scale trading methodologies to optimize over full universes of data.

Financial Systems Engineer

• Continued growing quant book to $5mm/year, while collaborating on the R&D and execution of original strategies
• Conceived and developed distributed signal generation / simulation platform for rapid strategy development and analysis Trader June 2007 to November 2008
• Built team of hybrid trader / software devs; earned head of quants by improving long-tail profits from $1->3mm annually


Traded, expanded upon, and then managed the fund’s founding market making strategy.

Founding Team, Director of Engineering

• Architected and built a product that engaged 10mm people/month at its peak; world’s largest archive of clips in 2008

ProgramManagement Intern – Windows Live Search

• Designed systems around user intent data from queries for novel search experiences; released a month ahead of schedule

Co-Founder, Director of Engineering

Developed the original company website which supported 50mm people/month at its peak, and aggregated the largest sound byte archive in the world at the time.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Computer Science and Economics

with Honors, Computer Science and Economics)

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No Licenses or Certifications Found.