nitish alodia
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Online Media and Streaming Services
Product Engineer at Udaan

FullStack Software Engineer with experience in Backend Systems and Architecture.
Skilled in NodeJs, Java as well as frontend technologies ( AngularJS, ReactJS). Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Computer Science with Masters focused in Computer Science from IIIT Hyderabad.

History of working in E-Commerce industry and member of core engineering team of a Y-Combinator startup. Has Experience of working for million plus users as well as designing and making systems from scratch and scaling them to million+ users.

Developed Authentication Systems, Chat Systems, Analytical Tools, experience in designing Database Architecture. Written numerous products from scratch for Vahan/Snapdeal.
Expertise in designing and building distributed systems complimented with product empathy.

Evaluated for Product Manager and Consumer PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Database structure Writing and presentation Market analysis System design API integration Data retrieval Product requirements User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Agile methodologies Performance tracking Growth experiments Market positioning Digital marketing
Skill Progression

Product Engineer

Working to develop the ads platform for Udaan

Full-stack Developer

Was one of the Founding Engineers. Built an AI chat bot that interact with users to generate leads for hiring.
Conceptualised and built the client facing product from scratch meant to serve as a job posting platform.
Worked on WhatsApp API, React UI on PWA, OCR services, IVR services integration, Job Engine,
User State Machine for tracking users and bring them back into systems, third party APIs for verifying authenticity of documents.
Handled all aspects of Acquisition, retention and Engagement of users and scaled the platform to million+ users.

Research Assistant

Designed and developed an end to end system automating the process of writing scripts & analysing
the results for Computational chemistry software. Was primarily researching RNA unfolding mechanisms. Got published as a first author in the Journal of Chemical Sciences

Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer developing the Promo code Engine for B2C Ecommerce

Responsible for end to end development of multiple web applications for promotion campaigns on Snapdeal
Major projects-
User Coupons Issuance System
• Developed a scalable feature for generating and issuing user-specific coupons for targeted customers using KAFKA queuing
• Developed APIs that allotted coupons to exclusive users and guided validation and redemption of
coupons on successful payment
• End to end user interface development and unit & performance testing of APIs Promo Code Generation Panel
• Designed and developed SSO based web application generating promo codes for multiple discount
schemes applicable on the entire product offerings
• Created authorization process ensuring promo codes went through an approval process before going live on the website/app
Inventory Management & Product Tagging panel
• Designed and developed UI panel providing product-tagging functionality for running tag based
campaigns on the website/app
Bank Combo Promos Engine
• Designed and developed bank-combo engine for determination, validation and application of the
correct combination of bank-specific and other discount schemes

Research Assistant

Designed GUI annotation tool for detection and annotation of pronoun to the corresponding noun for the Language Technologies Research Centre, IIIT Hyderabad

Software Intern

Worked for development of a Educational platform akin to Coursera. Selected for the project team
chosen from 6 reputed Indian technology institutes.

Degree Programs

Master’s degree, Computational Natural Science

Bachelor of Technology – BTech , Computer Science

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.