Nandana Nallapu
Skill Score
Professional (3/6)
Finance Tech
Product Manager | Automation Solutions

As a data professional, I care about creating comprehensive automated solutions for business processes through innovative technologies. I hold a deep sense of responsibility for defining strategy and developing automation bots by leveraging expertise in data analytics, design thinking, agile methods and collaborative management. My strengths include developing successful automation bots by meeting business, customer, and technological needs.

On the side, I’m constantly thinking about positive ways to impact the world around me whether it’s teaching, building tools to help non-profits, or engaging the community around me. If you have an opportunity that’d fit with any of the above, I’d love to connect!

Evaluated for Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Listening Database structure Negotiation Product roadmap Build vs buy vs partner Feature prioritization System design API integration Data retrieval Product requirements User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Stakeholder alignment Agile methodologies Performance tracking Relationship building
Skill Progression

Product Manager

Risk Assessment Data Analyst, Financial Crimes

– Good knowledge of AML, Sanction, Financial Crimes and more specifically Risk Assessment
– Perform BSA/AML and Sanctions Risk Assessments in compliance with the guidelines laid out in the FFIEC manual for the Americas region
– Meet with various areas of the Firm in order to assess the inherent risk related to the Firm’s customer base, geography risk, products / services risk and transactions risk
– Assist with assessment of mitigating controls utilized to identify gaps and weaknesses within the program
– Define scope, requirements and develop a comprehensive view of clients to to identify customer’s enterprise* wide relations and generate reports for relationship managers and managing officials
– Assist in scoping requirements, sourcing data sources, and develop a software solution that will contain a suite of metrics which highlight and manage BSA/AML and Sanctions risks.

Logistics Analyst

– Created Tableau dashboards of John Deere logistics operations
– SQL queries to examine and process the data

Data Management Intern

– Planning and direction of WRC’s data organization using MS Access database (entering data, setting up tables, adding new records, working with forms, filtering data, running queries).
– Database migration to nonprofit cloud platform Raiser’s Edge.
– Web page development using PHP, Drupal.
– Data analytics, and general funding research and development.

Data Scientist Intern

The John Deere Technology Innovation Center is focused on delivering customer-centered solutions from the corn production system through Focused Research and Accelerated Incubation. The data team at R&D division, Champaign primarily focuses on machine learning to develop new solutions.

– Prepared human-transcribed, free-form text data for analysis using data cleaning techniques like stop-word removal, lemmatization, tokenization, word segmentation, xml and html parsing
– Scraped, cleaned and assimilated grain transportation data as inputs to transportation data-labeling model and results collected pushed back into database using AWS services. Various tools used reduced data-labelling time by 40%
– Queried large database using SQL to extract relevant sensors’ info and proposed cost-saving solutions on engine sensors’ failure data with predictive models of future failures.
– Applied technical skills using Tableau and SQL in data collection, data analysis and reporting to procure data from database structures to report and present the immediate data behavior to management.

Senior Consultant

The Business Intelligence Group (BIG) at the University of Illinois’ School of Information Sciences is a student consulting organization that offers research consulting services to companies and nonprofit organizations through experiential learning, research, and analytics.

– Conducted market research for a South Korean energy firm Kukje Energy to help it expand into South East Asian market by analyzing sales growth opportunities, legal energy laws and financial metrics.
– Used SWOT analysis on several parameters to do the research by obtaining data for identifying new market segments and formulating business strategy in entire South-east Asia for 12 countries.
– Analyzed existing KPIs of target markets and made recommendations depending on the applicable significance to the client.

Graduate Assistant

Hathi Trust Research Center, iSchool UIUC – is a collaborative research center that helps researchers with software tools to access large amounts of digital texts.

– Enabled computationally-driven text analysis for English scholars, professors, social scientists using various text-mining methods in Python
– Data used was large collections (such as Jane Austen corpus) of digitally-encoded texts; with analysis examining the content of texts, specific categories or themes, comparing the themes, overall document theme, etc.
– Extracted information using topic modeling analysis, document classification and clustering techniques on subsets of corpus using Python.

Vice President of Public Relations

Worked as Public Relations officer, Treasurer and Mentor for the Infosys Hyderabad chapter of public -speaking forum, Toastmasters International.

• Demonstrated commitment to professional development as confirmed by my participation in several contests
• Design Club Newsletters and Mailers creatively with a great eye for detail and marketing them on all social platforms over several days, for maximum event turnout
• As a part of Toastmasters, mentored several members by assessing personal attributes and skill development planning
• Recipient of Competent Leader and Competent Communicator titles


Writing about social issues, book and movie reviews, social media

Business Analyst Quality Assurance

Infosys is a global consulting and IT services company with more than 209,000 employees and market capitalization of approximately US$ 42.4 billion. Major advances in software field by Infosys led to India’s emergence as the global destination for software services talent

– Analyzed system requirements and formulated scope for software testing process according to requirements and ensured that core business functionality remained intact. Involved in test design and test case development
– Designed test cases, uploaded test cases and logged defects in HP ALM. Prepared Test plans and Completion reports in JIRA
– Prepared several test plans, test estimation reports, Requirement Traceability Matrix and Hand-Over reports
– Performed Data Definition Language (DDL) operations in SQL to create, read, update and delete the data in the database for data manipulation and data analysis
– Actively consulted various development and management teams in the organization to gather user and data requirements to test several Retail, Finance, CRM and Healthcare applications
– Identify areas for improvements in QA processes through various comparative analytics, statistical and data mining techniques using Tableau.
– Used test data models and dashboards to solve business problems and communicate to executives. Increased efficiency by 15% by proposing structured knowledge-management solutions
– Project management experience of leading a successful cross-functional team in the test-case scripting methodology, integration, testing strategy, analysis and documentation of an application for a healthcare company, which resulted in the retaining of huge project for Infosys.
– Tools used: Advanced excel (pivot tables, data validation, Lookups, macros). Wrote complex SQL queries involving joins, merging and sub-querying. Designed and executed automated test scripts in VBScript. ALM, JIRA experience
Industry experience includes Retail, Finance, Capital markets, Healthcare verticals.

Degree Programs

Graduate student, Data Science

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Information Technology

Intermediate, Maths, Physics, Chemistry

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.