Merissa Bridgeman
Skill Score
Novice (1/6)
Information Technology
Bay Area Black Software Engineer/Product Manager

Junior Product Manager from the Bay Area ?.

Currently attending an accelerated program through Dominican university of California. My major is applied computer science with a specialization in mobile development. During my time here I’ve practiced the agile development cycle, being a SCRUM leader, Product manager, and UX designer on various projects. While attending school I am also on a startup team and is acting as the project manager.

I value collaboration with teams and think deeply about the interaction between users and the product. My goal is to design products that are engaging, accessible, and fun.

During my free time I’be taken up landscape photography, spending time with loved ones, and binge watching Disney shows.

Evaluated for Product Manager and Technical PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Top Skills
Metrics definition Database structure System design API integration Data retrieval Product requirements User journey and personas User research Wireframes and mocks User feedback review Agile methodologies Performance tracking Writing and presentation Product roadmap
Skill Progression


Startup Founder and Backend Engineer of Tillies NFT Marketplace built on the Flow blockchain.

Technical Specialist


Guide customers on a journey into becoming an apple product owner
Understand the customers’ needs and pain points to provide a personalized solution

Summer challenge project – UX Designer

– Designed, developed, and tested iOS application to tackle the objective in decreasing national food waste.
– Coordinated with Microsoft Engineering Mentor to report updates and maintenance of the application.
– Achieved user testing for usability validation with user integration.
– Presented findings and product analysis to upper management for end-of-term demonstration.

Student Ambassador

– Attended weekly meetings
– student outreach
-support for admit students and applicants.

Google Computer Science Summer Institute

This program was a 4 week intensive course where we went through daily code alongs and learned JavaScript. We then planned and built a program during the last week for a final presentation.

Shift Supervisor



– Used key findings from user interviews to increase user acquisition by 150% by our second iteration.
– By producing a product requirements doc I was able to achieve cross team communication and increase productivity by 20%.


Attended weekly cohort workshops that covered professional development. Built a community with fellow poc and networked with companies around Oregon.

Web Developer Internship

Developed web resource for new hires.

Math tutor

Web Developer Internship

Worked on developing my web skills including: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Deliverable was a fully developed single page site of our choice.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degree, Applied computer science

Bachelor’s degree, Computer Science

Computer Science

Licenses and Certifications

No Licenses or Certifications Found.