Livia Justo
Skill Score
Rookie (2/6)
Enterprise Tech
Evaluated for Product Manager and Generalist PM role archetype
Performance by Category
Skill Progression

Senior Product Manager

Coach Product Owners, Associate to Senior Product Managers to create, improve and grow their internal products in all dimensions Discovery, Delivery, Strategy and Behaviours
Identify market fit and oportunnities within the organization together with innovation team
Define product vision, strategy, roadmap , plan, design, test, lauch, monitor together with a multdisciplinary team (Designers, Developers, Agile, Marketing, Business)
Guarantee financial and technical resources for the product.
Unlock value by delivering MVP and scaling fast throughout the company
Outcome of coaching PM´s: Reduced time to market in 40% and enabled R$1 Bi of value to Braskem

Change Management

Act as Product Marketing, responsible for product launch strategy of 6 internal products related to Supply Chain process, 1000+ stakeholders involved. Outcome was adding R$100M earnings in one year through enabling users’ adoption. Co-founder of SPEAR (Braskem official internal methodology of Change management)

Marketing Specialist (B2B)

Marketing and communications strategy for Chemicals B.U, global brand positioning , marketing campaigns driven by roi , organize events , lead generation and optimize CRM platform to a better customer experience increasing number of clients and sales revenue.

Commercial Analyst

Acting as Product Owner and Change Management, leader of CRM Project in Chemical BU, plan, design, development, implement, measure for 50 users from Marketing and Sales area

Senior Customer Services

Focal point of a team of 5 members, transforming the area into a Customer Services focused in improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Services Analyst

Support management, regarding third-party, contract of Natura customer services.
Structuring and monitoring KPI set in contract and toward support leadership decision making
Supporting and creating training materials to customer services team members focusing in quality improvement.

Call Center Supervisor

Supervisor of a team with in 10 members (telemarketing) where I could learn the sense of urgency , prioritization and problem solver . Interfacing with lots of areas in order to solve customer´s problem. In addition I learned how to lead and manage a team.

Call Center Project Analyst

I joined TIM Telecom on a key moment , they were starting up its operations in Brazil . I was able to develop activities related to customer services projects, such as help to structure and implement CRM strategy, create process to prospect new clients and maintenance/retetion of customer base. Develop trainning material and monitor customer services in order to assurance a great customer experience.

Degree Programs

Master of Marketing, Marketing & Communications

International Programa ESPM, Marketing

Turismo, Gestão e Planejamento de Eventos

Licenses and Certifications

Customer Experience Management

Introdução à Ciência de Dados 2.0

Sympla Academy

Curso de Oratória e Comunicação

Fundamentos da Industria Petroquimica

Certified Product Manager (CPM)