Josh McNamee
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Novice (1/6)
Ad Tech Enterprise Tech Jobs Search and Employment Service
Evaluated for Director of Product and Consumer PM role archetype
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Head of Product

  • Led strategy, delivery, and launch of 2 new content products, in 9 months, serving as key differentiators, elevating our competitive position in a new category.
  • Led all product functions, defined & executed product strategy & roadmap, aligning teams towards a common vision, drove GTM strategy, measured & optimize results.

Director of Product

  • Led a strategic initiative w/ product design agency to re-imagine our UX, leading to significant improvements in acquisition, onboarding, and overall time-to-value.
  • Implemented “learn by shipping” principles better suited for early stage startups, decreasing time-to-learn, improving accountability & communication w/ stakeholders.

Product Mentor

Senior Product Manager, Ads

  • Partnered w/ a large programmatic advertising platform (TTD) and internal Digital Media team to begin rebuilding vital integrations that accounted for 60% of the business’ revenue.
  • Led strategic initiative w/ design team to simplify key workflows for building & managing Ad campaigns, improving customer adoption, which led to increased Ad spend (revenue).
  • Expanded Digital Ads product with the launch of Retargeting functionality, which increased customer’s Ad spend, generating additional revenue for the business.

Product Manager

  • Built & executed strategic roadmaps based on market insights, company goals & strategic objectives.
  • Organized & leveraged qualitative/quantitative customer feedback, user research, & data-driven insights to inform business cases & key decisions for our healthcare staffing product.

Technical Product Manager

  • Played critical role in driving strategic alignment between Product, go-to-market teams, and key partners/customers.
  • In addition to my PM role, I served as primary support contact to customers in the absence of a dedicated support, ensuring excellent service & customer happiness.

Community Assistant

Product Development Lead, StaffingNation

  • Led the rebuild of proprietary CW platform served both internal & external customers.
  • Implemented & facilitated cross-functional collaboration & Go-to-Market processes.
  • Implemented clear product development processes and “learn by shipping” principles to drive more effective iteration and delivery.

Product Manager

  • Modernized development frameworks and cycles that increased velocity, accountability, and created transparency with stakeholders.

Professional Services Consultant

  • Completed 80+ implementation projects with a Project Productivity avg >100%.
  • Achieved average CSAT score >90%, over 2+yrs, through careful planning, creative problem-solving, solid expectations mgmt, and effective relationship mgmt.

Instructor | Trainer

Degree Programs

Associate Degree in Advertising

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No Licenses or Certifications Found.